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  • Connects to most circular saws – right or left blade
  • Reversible guide arm for right- or left-handed use
  • Cut materials up to 24" (610mm) wide
  • Rip sheets of plywood in half in just one cut
  • No need for measuring, marking, or layout lines
  • 100% guide-support through the entire cut
  • Quick and accurate adjustments – no tools required
  • Lightweight, sturdy design for use on the jobsite


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You can get great results when cutting with a circular saw—without measuring and marking, and without struggling to keep the saw on your cut line. With the Kreg Rip-Cut™ saw guide, you’ll make straight, accurate cuts every time in plywood, MDF, and other large sheet goods.

The Kreg Rip-Cut™ easily attaches to almost any circular saw, and setup is simple, so you’ll be making straight accurate cuts in just minutes. The Rip-Cut™ is easy to use, with a guide arm that's reversible for left- or right-handers. You can adjust the Rip-Cut™ quickly to make accurate cuts from 1" up to 24" wide, so you can cut plywood, MDF, and other large sheet goods down into accurate, consistently sized parts for your projects.


Aluminum Guide Rail

3" (76.2mm) wide x 30" (762mm) long


High-quality aluminum

Impact-resistant plastic polymer

Saw Sled

61/2" x 81/2" saw platform

Guide Arm

2" (51mm) wide x 111/2" (292mm) long

Minimum 5" (127mm) edge-bearing at blade entry

Minimum 3" (76mm) edge-bearing at blade exit

Cut Width

Maximum 24" (610mm)


(1) Rip-Cut™ and Owner's Manual

Manual North American Manual

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Average Review:

Great time saver, accurate, durable.

I've used the Rip-Cut for a couple of years now and still love it. To the reviewer complaining about accuracy, you do have to carefully align the cursor. In addition to setting it at zero per the instructions, before each work day I will set it to a desired width and test it on a piece of scrap first, then adjust it again if necessary. When locking it down, rock the rail a bit to seat the wedge rather than forcing the handle down. I use it so much that I ran a couple self-tapping screws up from the bottom into the saw's plate and leave my lightest saw attached full time.


By Gerry Jones

June 4, 2017

Sidewinders Only

I was so excited to get my Rip-Cut about a month ago. I was ready to break down sheet goods with a vengeance! That was until I tried to put it on my wormdrive circular saw. Which was impossible. I ended up having to take it back. With that being said, it looked to be constructed well. I think I would have preferred the an aluminum option (obviously would be more $$). But, with the DIYer in mind, the plastic construction is more than adequate. I was very disappointed that it wouldn't work with a worm drive saw. I thought that it should have been noted on the packaging. (*NOT compatible with most wormdrive circular saws) But if I used a sidewinder, I'd buy it again.


By Jeff Martin

May 10, 2017

Great Product!

I just used this for the first time last weekend and I LOVE it! It was easy to use and helped make the perfect cut I needed.


By Diane Sunkel

March 25, 2017

Five excellent tool!

I am legally blind, and I’ve tried a dozen different jigs, and setups that claimed to assist in making perfect cuts with a circularsaw. Only the “Rip Cut” lives up to its promise…every cut I’ve made thus far has been right on the money…perfect! Plus Kreg is a “Made in the U.S.A.” company! This tool is very well designed and engineered…I’m a big fan. Five well deserved stars! *****


By Bob Olson

February 27, 2017

Measurements off

Bought thus today to cut down a couple sheets of plywood into panels. When I assembled it the zero line printed on the rail is a little over a sixteenth recessed over the top of the edge guide. I have to measure my cuts and then compensate for the guide being off on the Kreg scale. Very disappointed! The saw mounts very securely into the jig and it is very easy to use when I get it set correctly and its a two hour drive to exchange it so I used it and will just deal with it.


By Steve Callis

February 23, 2017

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