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Woodworking Clamp Guide
Clamps are an essential tool for any woodworker, used to secure pieces of wood together either while glue dries and/or while drilling, sawing, or sanding. With so many different types of clamps available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for the job. Below, we'll take a look at the different types of woodworking clamps and how to use them.

How to Use Woodworking Clamps
Working with woodworking clamps is relatively simple. First, ensure the pieces are properly aligned and flush, then use the designated mechanism to press them together - such as squeezing a handle, twisting a screw, or using a lever (see Type of woodworking clamps below). Don't forget to tighten the clamp enough to hold it in place, but be careful not to overtighten it and damage the wood.

Types of Woodworking Clamps
There are many different types of woodworking clamps, each with its own specific use. Some of the most common types include:

Bar Clamps
Bar clamps are the most versatile type of woodworking clamp. They have a long bar with a handle on one end and a moveable jaw on the other. they can be used to clamp large or small pieces of wood together, and they are available in different sizes to accommodate different projects.

Corner Clamps (90-Degree Clamps)
Corner clamps are used to hold two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle, making them ideal for clamping corners together. They come in a range of sizes so you can choose the best one for your board thickness.

Right-Angle Clamps
Right angle clamps are similar to corner clamps in that they clamp two pieces of wood at a 90-degree angle. They can be used for corner clamping or to hold two pieces of wood together while drilling, sawing, or sanding.

Vise Clamps
Vise clamps are a type of woodworking clamp used to secure a piece of wood in a vise while working on it. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate various board thicknesses. They are commonly used to hold wood pieces in place while drilling, sawing, sanding, or performing other tasks, allowing for more precise and accurate work.

Bench Clamps
Bench clamps are designed to be mounted on a workbench, allowing for easy clamping of larger or small pieces of wood. They come in different sizes to accommodate different board thicknesses and are usually made of durable plastic or metal

Face Clamps
A face clamp is used to hold wood pieces together while pocket screws are driven in. This type of clamp has a C-shaped jaw and secures the workpiece with a lever mechanism. Its wide clamping faces are one of the key features that distinguishes it from other clams. This results in a secure and precise joint by ensuring even pressure distribution.

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