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What Drill Bit Do You Use For Pocket Holes?
High-speed steel or cobalt pocket-hole drill bits are specifically engineered for pocket-hole joinery with a unique design that allows for clean, precise holes in wood.

Types of Pocket-Hole Components

Pocket-Hole Drill Guides
Pocket-hole drill guides are a must-have for pocket-hole joinery. They help position and steer the drill bit at the ideal angle for making pocket holes. These guides come in various sizes to fit different board thicknesses and are typically made of resilient plastic or metal. You can also get a custom plug cutter drill guide that makes creating matching plugs simple and fast.

Pocket-Hole Drill Bits
Pocket-hole joinery relies on drill bits with a unique stepped design to make clean, precise holes in wood. The special stepped drill bit does two things: the smaller tip drills a pilot hole for the screw, while the main part of the bit creates the pocket that the screw fits into. Pocket-hole drill bits also feature a one-piece design that eliminates clogging and provides a much smoother, faster drilling stroke than the drill bits with replaceable center drills. With a range of sizes available to suit different screws, they're typically made from high-speed steel or cobalt for extra strength.

Pocket-Hole Plug Cutting Bit
Once the pocket holes have been drilled, you may want to plug them to conceal the screw heads and give the joint a cleaner look. This is where pocket-hole plug cutters come in handy. They're essentially specialized drill bits that make plugs from the same wood used for the project, so that they blend in perfectly.


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