Track Horse

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  • Sturdy steel and aluminum construction supports 2,200 lbs. as a pair
  • Versatile design works as a sawhorse, work support, clamping center, and more
  • Portable for easy transport and compact storage
  • Expandable by pairing with another Track Horse
  • Equipped with a Kreg Bench Clamp featuring Automaxx®
  • Adjustable to six different working heights
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Work on DIY and woodworking tasks anywhere with a versatile, sturdy, expandable work support
The Track Horse makes it easy to set up a sturdy work support anywhere to make any place your workspace. It offers an array of features that give it capabilities beyond an ordinary sawhorse.

Dual-mode clamping (with an included Kreg Bench Clamp) makes it easy to secure those items on the Track Horse — by holding them down on the long track on top, or using keyhole brackets on the ends for vise-style clamping. The track also accepts a sacrificial surface, which allows cutting without damaging the Track Horse or saw. When more cutting space is needed, just pair with another Track Horse to create a large cutting platform. Or set up an extra-large work table just as easily.

The steel and aluminum construction makes the Track Horse sturdy, and gives it a capacity of 2,200 lbs. (997 kg) per pair, so it can handle large, heavy projects and materials with ease. Adjustable legs feature six working heights to match any task. The legs also fold completely away. This allows using the Track Horse as a ground-level work platform, and means the Track Horse stores compactly away.

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Versatile, sturdy, expandable sawhorse and work support
Steel, Aluminum, Plastic Polymer

Height adjustable from ground-level to six heights

  • 6.63" (168mm) *Ground-level use with legs folded
  • 24.65" (626mm)
  • 31.65" (804mm)
  • 32.65" (829mm)
  • 33.65" (855mm)
  • 34.65" (880mm)
  • 35.65" (906mm)
2,200 lbs. (997 kg) per pair; 1,100 lbs. (498 kg) individually
24 lbs
  • Adaptive Cutting System
  • Kreg Bench Clamps
  • (1) Track Horse
  • (1) Kreg 3" Bench Clamp
  • (2) Support Brackets
  • (2) Track Bushings with Screws
  • Owner’s Manual