Kreg Jig® HD

  • Discontinued
  • Highlights
  • Creates joints 50% stronger than standard Kreg Joints
  • Optimized for large outdoor projects
  • For use with materials 1 1/2" thick (38mm) and thicker
  • Works with the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig K5, K4, and K3
  • Stop Block provides easy, repeatable registration to workpiece
  • Face Clamp locks into Kreg Jig HD for secure drilling
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The heavy-duty solution for building with wood

Efficient Design and Hardened-Steel Drill Guides
Designed with the same tried-and-true efficient design and hardened-steel drill guides as the original Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig, the Pocket-Hole Jig HD lets you create joints in 1 1/2" and thicker materials that are an amazing 50% stronger than traditional Kreg Joints™. If you are framing walls, building deck railings, outdoor furniture, or any other large project, you always want the strongest joint possible; and this is where the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig HD excels — strength.

Great for 2x4s and 1 1/2"-Thick and Larger Stock
The Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig HD is optimized for working with 2x4s and 1 1/2" thick and larger stock. It utilizes #14 heavy-duty, hardened-steel screws that provide incredible shear-resistance, as well as three anti-corrosion layers for incredible long-term moisture resistance.

Works As a Stand-Alone Jig
The Pocket-Hole Jig HD works great as a stand-alone jig. Simply connect it to your Kreg Face Clamp, lock it into place, and take it where you need to go. Depending on the project, the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig HD can also connect directly to your model K3, K4, or K5 benchtop base for upright drilling.

NOTE: Be sure to check with your local building code authority before using the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig HD to construct load-bearing objects such as interior walls or deck railings. Building codes differ from area to area. Please reference applications in the user manual.

To find the best screw for your project, visit our Screw Selector to select the right type of screw for your application.

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  • For use with materials 1 1/2"-thick and thicker material
  • Works independently or with K5, K4 or K3 jigs
  • 1 7/16" center-to-center drill guide spacing
Glass-filled nylon, polymer, steel
Materials 1 1/2" thick and thicker
  • Kreg HD Pocket-Hole Screws
  • HD stepped drill bit
  • HD driver bit
  • Pocket-Hole Jig K5, K4, K3
  • Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter
  • Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine
  • (1) HD Drill Guide
  • (1) Stop Block
  • (1) 1/2" (12mm) Diameter HD Stepped Drill Bit
  • (1) 6" HD Driver Bit
  • (1) Stop Collar
  • (1) Allen Wrench
  • (1) Starter Kreg® Screw Set
  • (1) Owner's Manual
Lifetime drill-guide warranty