Custom Plug Cutting Bit

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  • Creates plugs that fit standard-size Kreg Jig® pocket holes
  • Positive stop collar ensures perfect drilling depth to produce accurately sized plugs
  • Open design and enlarged inside diameter provide clearance around plug for easier drilling
  • Special fluting reduces heat and friction for better plugs and longer bit life
  • Multi-tooth cutting tip shears cleanly to produce smooth, consistent plugs
  • For use only with Kreg Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter 


ITEM#: KPC1020

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The Custom Plug Cutting Bit works with the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter to create plugs that perfectly match your project. This specially designed bit chucks into any drill, and fits into the hardened-steel drill guide in the Plug Cutter to produce plugs in the correct diameter to fit standard-size Kreg Jig® pocket holes.




Works with

Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter


Plugs that fit standard-size Kreg Jig® pocket holes


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Reviews for "Custom Plug Cutting Bit"

Average Review:

Great solution, easy to use.

Just used my plug cutter for the first time yesterday. Really is easy and works well. Also followed the instructions re: releasing the plug with a 15* cut (used a bandsaw). Unfortunately after cutting about a dozen the bit broke. I called Kreg and they didn't hesitate to promise a replacement ASAP. As usual, great customer support from Kreg. I asked the rep. if there was something that I may have done wrong. He didn't think so, maybe a flaw in the casting? However, looking back I wonder if it may have been my fault. Using the K-5 but did not have a vac. hooked up. A good bit of dust accumulated and it may have caused the problem. Anyway, a replacement is on the way and I really like being able to plug holes with the exact same material that I am using. It is very easy to use.


By Keith Bryan

March 1, 2017