Pocket-Hole Screw Project Kit

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  • Contains five of the most popular Kreg Screws
  • Secured in a durable, easy-to-carry case
  • Great starter kit for those new to Kreg Joinery



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This kit contains five of the most popular self-tapping Kreg Screws, secured in a durable, easy-to-carry case. Makes a great starter kit for anyone new to Kreg Joinery.



150-count of:
SPS-F1 - 1" (25mm)
SPS-C1 - 1" (25mm)
SML-F125 - 11/4" (31mm)
SML-C125 - 11/4" (31mm)

75-count of:
SML-C250B - 21/2" (63mm)

Screw Diameters:
#8 - All SML coarse-threaded screws (with the exception of stainless).
#7 - All SML fine-threaded screws and all SPS coarse-threaded screws.
#6 - All SPS fine-threaded screws.

Reviews for "Pocket-Hole Screw Project Kit"

Average Review:

Prohibitive ordering expense

The product is great but due to weight and shipping policies, shipping cost is prohibitive. I purchase through Amazon, and not only advantageous pricing but shipping is frequently free.


By Steve Slavin

September 26, 2018

Mr A. Muscat

Yes I do like Kreg tools, but when it comes for delivery, the postage cost me more than the item is worth.Unless they start to give you are free delivery' I don't think that I will be ordering anymore items. Sorry.


By Alfred Muscat

December 5, 2016

Good assortment

I think it is a good assortment to get you started, there might be some screws that you might not use right away, but if your budget is so tight that you can't afford good harware, guess a couple less beers a night or two would save you enough money to explore the wonders of woodworking Been doing it for about 50 years, always wanted to buy a Kreg jig, but never really thought I needed one, but it sure is a time saver, love it


By Rick Waldstein

January 6, 2016

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