Single-Spindle Electric Pocket-Hole Machine

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  • Highlights
  • Works with any 20-amp 110-volt outlet
  • Strong 1 1/2-HP electric motor
  • Single-spindle simplicity
  • Cycle times of less than 1 second
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The DK1100 series of machines are the standard in the industry for drilling a single pocket hole at a time. We’ve packed these machines with functional features that set them apart from the competition. Choose from electric- or pneumatic-powered, freestanding- or bench-mounted to fit the way you build. Each DK1100 machine is built with industrial-grade motors that provide the power to run day after day – quickly, quietly, and reliably – in even the most high-production environments.

Add real productivity and efficiency to your shop with the "Production Pocket-Hole Standard." This model works with any standard 20-amp 110-volt outlet and features a strong 11/2-HP electric motor, single-spindle simplicity, and a cycle time of less than one second.

Convenient Swing Stops
Quickly position two pocket holes across rails of various widths by placing it against one stop, drilling the hole, and then repeating with the rail against the other stop. For drilling pocket holes in panels, the stops simply swing out of the way.

Adjustable Fence
Adjustments couldn’t be easier, as the fence adjusts from the top side of the machine to let you center a screw in 1/2" to 1 1/2" (12-38mm) thick material. The clamp hold-down also adjusts to allow materials up to 4" (101mm) thick to be drilled.

Quick Drill Bit Changes
Changing drill bits is a quick and simple process. Simply loosen the collet with the provided Allen wrench, replace with a new bit, and you are back in production in less than 60 seconds.

Long-Lasting Motors
The industrial-grade motors used in Kreg machines are built for long-lasting service. Kreg machines are also designed to minimize stress on moving parts, greatly reducing the likelihood of failure.

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  • Single-spindle pocket-hole machine
  • Electric drill motor, pneumatic clamping
  • Works with any 20-amp 110-volt outlet
  • 1-second cycle time
Pilot-hole centering in material thickness
Materials from 1/2"- to 1 1/2"-thick
  • 1 1/2"-HP, 110-volt, single-phase
  • 1 CFM clamp cylinder (90 PSI/minute)
DKDB Stepped Drill Bit
50"H x 24"W x 24"D (40" table height), 176 lbs.
  • (1) DK1100FE with bits and fittings
  • Owner's Manual
5 years