Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw

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  • Plunge-cutting circular saw for track-saw cutting of solid wood and plywood with the Kreg 62" Guide Track
  • Powerful 12-amp, 120-volt variable speed motor with load compensation
  • Safety features include a fully-shrouded retracting blade, riving knife, electronic blade brake, anti-kickback control
  • Blade-left design is optimized for right-handed users, and provides superior cutting visibility and control
  • Cutting depth capacity of with 2 1/8" at 90° and 1 1/2" at 45°
  • Bevel-cutting capacity from -1° to 47°
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High-performance, track-guided circular saw for precisely cutting plywood and solid-wood boards
The Adaptive Cutting System Plunge Saw offers powerful, precise track-saw cutting performance. The saw pairs with the 62" Guide Track to create a versatile, capable track saw that delivers straight, smooth, splinter-free cuts in solid wood, plywood, and other sheet goods.

The Plunge Saw comes with a 48-tooth carbide-tipped blade that is fully shrouded and retracts completely when not in use. A riving knife, which also retracts completely, follows the blade to keep the saw kerf open to essentially eliminate kickback risk. Additional kickback protection is provided by a selectable anti-kickback pawl that prevents the saw from moving backward on the track when engaged.

A powerful 12-amp, variable speed motor with load compensation ensures that the saw can easily handle any sheet goods and even thick hardwoods—up to a maximum 2 1/8" cutting-depth. Bevel-cutting capacity can be set from -1° to 47° and can cut up to 1 ½ deep at 45°.

The Plunge saw is also designed for safety and ergonomics. Handles keep your hands well away from the blade. The blade-left design is optimized for right-handed users, and provides superior cutting visibility and control. An included dust port and bag collect chips to minimize cutting mess and provide the ability to connect to a vacuum hose.

*Designed for use with the Adaptive Cutting System 62" Guide Track.

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  • Fully-shrouded blade
  • Retractable riving knife
  • Electronic blade brake
  • Intagrated dust collection
  • Carrying bag holds saw and optional accessories
Aluminum, steel, polymer
  • -1° to 47° bevel cutting
  • 0" to 2 1/8" cutting depth
  • 2,000-6,000 rpm motor speed
  • 2 1/8" maximum cut at 90° and 1 1/2" at 45°
120-volt, 12-amp variable-speed motor with load compensation and electronic brake
  • Project Table Kit
  • 62" Guide Track
  • Track Copnnectors
  • Rip Guides
  • Parallel Guides
  • 48-Tooth Saw Blade
  • Splinter Guards
  • Anti-Chip Strip + Foam Strips
  • Glide Strips
  • (1) Plunge Saw with carrying bag
  • (1) Owner's Manual
2 years