Straight Edge Guide XL

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  • Crosscut and rip cut material up to 8 feet (244cm)
  • Aluminum guide rail leads cuts precisely along a straight line
  • Cutline indicators help position cuts perfectly
  • Built-in clamping with GripMaxx™ secures rail to material
  • Works with left- and right-blade circular saws, as well as some jigsaws and trim routers
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Make perfectly straight cuts up to 8 feet in sheet goods with guided cutting
Cut sheet goods down to size with precision and ease by using the Kreg® Straight Edge Guide. Work with material up to 8 feet and get the cuts you need — whether you're using a circular saw, jigsaw, or trim router. (Works with most brands.)

The Kreg Straight Edge Guide XL offers an intuitive and approachable way to break down sheet goods. Your saw rides against the aluminum guide, allowing you to make straight and precise cuts. Guided cutting makes it easier than ever to see exactly where you'll cut so you can get the results you expect.

First, align your cuts quickly and precisely with the cutline indicators. Cutline indicators make alignment to your pencil marks easy, so you can work confidently knowing you’ll make the cut exactly where you need it. Then secure the guide to your material using the low-profile GripMaxx™ clamps that are built right into the guide. And now you're ready to make a cut!

The Straight Edge Guide is also available with a smaller cutting capacity of 4 feet.

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  • GripMaxx™ anti-slip clamp
  • Cutline indicator arms
  • Expandable design
  • Low-profile guide rail
8-foot cutting capacity
  • (2) 28" Guide Rails
  • (2) 24" Guide Rails
  • (6) Paired Connector Bars
  • (2) Cutline Indicator Arms
  • Adjustable GripMaxx Clamp
  • Handle
  • Owner's Manual
Get to know the Kreg Straight Edge Guide
Get to know the Kreg Straight Edge Guide
Cut sheet goods safely and efficiently
Cut sheet goods safely and efficiently
Guiding you to great cuts

Twice the capacity as our standard Straight Edge Guide.

Consistently straight cuts

Guided cutting gives you precise, repeatable cuts.

Maximum portability

Bring your saw to the workpiece instead of moving heavy sheets to your saw.

Professional-quality results

Remove the guesswork and get straight, accurate cuts.


Simple setup and effortless operation are perfect for everyone from beginners to pros.


Makes short work of cutting down sheet goods up to 8 feet.


Align your cuts, secure the guide to the material with integrated clamps, and make your cut.


Works with left- and right-blade circular saws, as well as jigsaws and trim routers.


Saws and routers ride against the guide’s edge for simple, straight, accurate cuts.


Cutline indicators align with your marks, so you know exactly where you’re cutting.


Built-in clamps with GripMaxx™ anti-slip material secure rail to material.