Straight Edge Guide Extension

Item#: KMA4600
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Straight Edge Guide Extension

Item#: KMA4600
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  • Add 2 feet (61cm) to your Straight Edge Guide to crosscut and rip cut sheet goods
  • Same straight, accurate cuts as the Straight Edge Guide – but adds greater cutting capacity
  • Aluminum guide rail leads cuts precisely along a straight line
  • Works with left- and right-blade circular saws, as well as some jigsaws and trim routers

Product Details

Expand the cutting capacity of your Straight Edge Guide
Add two extra feet of guide rail to your Kreg® Straight Edge Guide in minutes. With this extension, you can make even longer cuts in sheet goods while using a circular saw, jigsaw, or trim router.

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Technical Specifications
capacity 2-foot extension
compatibility Kreg Straight Edge Guide
  • 24" Guide Rail
  • (2) Paired Connector Bars