Accu-Cut™ Replacement Guide Strips

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  • Includes 2 Replacement Guide Strips for the Accu-Cut™, Accu-Cut™ XL, and Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack
  • Direct replacement for the factory-installed Guide Strips on the Accu-Cut™ and included Guide Strips with the Accu-Cut™ XL and Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack
  • Attached adhesive makes installation easy
  • Installation instructions included
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Accu-Cut™ Replacement Guide Strips allow you to easily replace the original strips on your Accu-Cut™, Accu-Cut™ XL, or Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack. If the strips ever get damaged, worn, or you switch to a different circular saw that requires a different setup, just peel off your old Guide Strips, and stick the new ones in place using the attached adhesive strip.

Includes two of the same thick, durable, anti-slip strips that come with the Accu-Cut™ family of products, as well as easy-to-follow installation instructions that allow you to replace your strips in just a few minutes. Two strips are required for each piece of track, so four strips (two packs) total are needed to replace the strips on your Accu-Cut or Accu-Cut Expansion Pack. Eight strips (four packs) would be needed to replace the strips on your Accu-Cut XL.

Direct replacement for Accu-Cut™ Guide Strips
Rigid and flexible PVC
  • Accu-Cut™
  • Accu-Cut™ XL
  • Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack
.016" x 1.00" x 26.38"
  • (2) Guide Strips with attached adhesive strips
  • Installation Instructions