Adaptive Cutting System Master Kit

Item#: ACS3000
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Adaptive Cutting System Master Kit

Item#: ACS3000
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  • Plunge Saw and 62" Guide Track provide straight, smooth, splinter-free cuts anywhere
  • Project Table expands cutting capability by supporting and positioning materials with integrated guides, stops, and measuring systems
  • Versatile: Cut plywood and boards—rip, crosscut, mitered cuts—with one system
  • Precise: Make accurate, high-quality cuts with ease and repeatability
  • Safe: Work confidently with integrated safety features and anti-kickback protection
  • Portable: Set up and stow your system quickly for simple transport and storage

Product Details

Precision cutting system for solid-wood, plywood, and panels

Take your project-building skills to the next level with the cutting system that adapts to your needs—the Kreg® Adaptive Cutting System. It offers all the advantages of a guided cutting system for cutting plywood, panels and solid-wood boards with its high-performance Plunge Saw and Guide Track. The Project Table takes the Adaptive Cutting System to unparalleled levels of versatility, precision, safety, and portability by creating a compact cutting center that allows you to rip, crosscut, miter, bevel, cut angles, and more in plywood and solid wood.

When you’re building wood projects, you need a cutting system that can adapt to your needs, whether you’re crosscutting boards to length, ripping them to width, cutting mitered angles, or even cutting plywood sheets and large panels down to size. The Adaptive Cutting System makes it all possible, and more, by combining the advantages of guided cutting with the unparalleled versatility of a Project Table that supports and positions materials precisely.

Start your Adaptive Cutting System with the Kreg Plunge Saw and 62" Guide Track. The track guides the saw precisely on your cutline and protects against splintering to ensure that you get straight, smooth cuts. The Plunge Saw features a fully-shrouded blade, plus safety features like a retractable riving knife and anti-kickback protection that allow the powerful, variable-speed motor to cut safely while your hands stay well away from the blade. Parallel Guides and Rip Guides allow you to lock in repeatable measurements when using the track, so you can take precision cutting anywhere.

Build your Adaptive Cutting System by adding the Project Table to create a portable cutting system that adapts to your needs. Mounting the Guide Track to the Table allows you to crosscut and rip solid wood boards, cut mitered angles, bevel edges, plus support and precisely cut plywood and large panels to size. The Project table includes multiple guides, stops, and integrated measuring systems that position your materials securely and precisely, so you get accurate, smooth, and straight cuts every time. The Project Table folds to store vertically, and easily rolls out and sets up quickly for use, then stows away compactly. You can also enhance your system with available accessories, such as another Guide Track and Track Connectors to double your cutting capacity.

Whether you’re cutting solid wood or plywood, wherever you’re working–from the garage to the driveway to the workshop—and whatever you’re creating, you can take your project-building skills to the next level with the versatile, precise, safe, and portable system that adapts to your needs—the Adaptive Cutting System.

The Adaptive Cutting System Master Kit includes the Plunge Saw, 62" Guide Track, Project Table Top, and Project Table Base.

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Technical Specifications
  • 55" x 29 3/4" table with measuring scales and 3/4" holes for Versa-Stops
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • Folding handles and large wheels for easy transport
  • Fully-shrouded blade
  • Retractable riving knife
  • Intagrated dust collection
  • Electronic blade brake
  • Track can be used on or off table
  • Anti-chip, anti slip strips on track
construction MDF, aluminum, steel, polymer, anodized aluminum
  • Height Adjustable Legs
  • -1° to 47° bevel cutting
  • 0" to 2 1/8" cutting depth
  • 0° to 60° miter cutting
  • 2,000-6,000 rpm motor speed
  • 48" maximum cut length on table
  • 48" maximum measured cut witdth
  • 2 1/8" maximum cut at 90° and 1 1/2" at 45°
  • 50" cutting capacity off Project Table, 48" capacity on Project Table
power 120-volt, 12-amp variable-speed saw motor with load compensation and electronic brake
  • Project Table Extension Brackets
  • 62" Guide Track
  • Track Connectors
  • Rip Guides
  • Parallel Guides
  • 48-Tooth Saw Blade
  • Splinter Guards
  • Anti-Chip Strip + Foam Strips
  • Glide Strips
  • Versa Stops
  • Replacement Top
dimensions 55" x 29 3/4" Table Surface, 33.52" to 36.18" Table Height
  • (1) Plunge Saw + Guide Track Kit (ACS2000)
  • (1) Project Table Kit (ACS1000)
warranty 2 Year Warranty on Plunge Saw