Selecting the Right Pocket-Hole Screw

Select the Right Pocket-Hole Screw

Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws are available in several different types, each with unique qualities that optimize performance in specific applications. Once you understand these qualities, it’s easy to choose the correct Screw.

Head Type:

  • Maxi-Loc screws are a great choice for the majority of applications. These Kreg Screws have a large head that provides maximum bearing surface as the screw pulls tight in the pocket.
  • Pan-Head screws are perfect for dense hardwoods and for 1/2" thick stock. Their smaller shank reduces the chance of splitting, and the smaller head allows them to fit places where space is limited and/or tight pocket-hole spacing is desired.

Thread Type:

  • Coarse-Thread screws are recommended for use with softwoods like cedar, pine, fir, etc. — as well as for sheet goods such as plywood and MDF — that are soft and not very dense. Coarse screws have deep, aggressive threads that bite into those soft fibers to ensure solid holding power.
  • Fine-Thread screws are the preferred choice for hardwoods like cherry, maple, oak, etc. that are hard and dense. Fine threads are less aggressive, so they’ll drive without splitting, but these screws have a higher number of threads per inch to ensure great holding power.


  • Zinc screws are recommended for a wide variety of indoor projects where moisture is not a concern.
  • Blue-Kote™ screws are the best choice for damp or wet applications and work with treated lumber.
  • Stainless screws are designed for use in extreme environments that are exposed to moisture and corrosive elements.

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