Cabinet Hardware Jig

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Install Knobs and Pulls with Easy, Repeatable Accuracy

  • Adjustable guides for accurate hole placement
  • Built-in measuring scales for repeatable results 
  • Versatile for mounting single and multi-hole knobs
  • Adjustable edge guide for easy positioning 
  • Strong, lightweight materials for easy handling 
  • Durable hardened-steel drill guides



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The Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig takes the guesswork out of installing cabinet knobs and pulls. The moveable edge guide and measuring scales make it easy to position knobs precisely, while adjustable drill guides ensure straight holes for perfect knob and pull positioning every time. Perfect for new construction and for refreshing entire rooms.

Whether you're updating your cabinets or building a project from scratch, adding hardware like knobs and pulls is often one of the final steps —‚Äč and one of the most intimidating. Drill the holes incorrectly, and it can be very difficult to correct the mistake. The Cabinet Hardware Jig takes all the guesswork out of the process by allowing you to drill straight, accurately positioned holes every time, so you'll know that every piece of hardware is positioned correctly and consistently. 

The Cabinet Hardware Jig features moveable, hardened-steel drill guides that lock in place to align with common hole-spacing measurements for cabinet knobs and pulls. This allows you to confidently drill straight, accurately positioned holes. A moveable edge guide and built-in measuring scales (in imperial and metric) ensure that those holes will be positioned where you want it every time, which means you can drill as many holes as you need without the uncertainty and potential mistakes that can come with measuring and marking every one.

The Cabinet Hardware Jig is designed to be intuitive for beginners to use, but robust enough for professionals. All you need is a drill and a 3/16", bit, and the ability to set the jig to match your hardware and the position where you want it to go. Durable polymer construction makes the jig tough but light, and hardened-steel drill guides ensure that you’ll get straight, accurate holes — whether you’re drilling one, a few, or hundreds. 

NOTE: 3/16" (5mm) drill bit required - does not come included.



Durable polymer

Drill Guides

Two movable 3/16" (4.5mm) guides with locking nuts

Drill Guide Material

Hardened Steel

Drill Guide Spacing

21/2", 3", 31/2", 4", 41/2", 5"
and 64mm, 96mm, 128mm

Edge Guide to Hole-Center Spacing

1" to 5" (25mm-127mm)

Measuring Scales

Imperial and Metric

In the Box

(1) jig base
(1) edge guide
(2) drill guides with knurled nuts
(2) non-slip pads
(2) T-knobs and bolts
owner’s manual 


Proposition 65

Manual North American Manual
Global Manual

Reviews for "Cabinet Hardware Jig"

Average Review:

Needs Other drill bit guide sizes

This seems to work really well, but I agree with most, there should be other drill bit sizes since not all hardware uses the same size of screws (3/16). I think offering other sizes as accessories you can purchase in addition would be a great idea.


By Jason Brady

May 24, 2019

Larger drill accommodation would be a nice option

This jig works fine, as long as a 3/16" mounting hole will suffice. Our kitchen plan used knobs for the doors and cup style pulls for the drawers. The jig worked great for the knobs, but the drawer pulls have two 1/4" x 1/4" bosses around the mounting screws. This is not an uncommon feature on drawer pulls. I had to counterbore after locating with the jig, an extra step that requires a lot of care and attention. A nice addition to this tool would be to make optional sized swappable drill bushings available.


By Kevin Kingrey

February 9, 2019

Great tool, Minor Problem to look for

I have lots of pulls to install at two locations. Worked great at the smaller location making the task quit speedy. However, after installing I noted a small dimple on all the doors almost under the pull. Plastic had a "mold extrusion" on the back that left a mark on all the doors. At least it is consistent but these are very smooth finish doors and it does show. Before using check to be sure the back is absolutely smooth. Otherwise a great tool.



January 19, 2019

Good but...

New house - 84 knobs and pulls. Bought this to install them and save a bunch of $$$. The concept is great but I found two flaws. One the "stop bar" does not get close enough to the edge to get in the center of any of the doors in our rooms, worked great on single height drawers though. The other issue is it's not tall/wide enough to do larger double depth drawers. I do love the drill guides as that keeps the holes nice and straight which is super important for pulls. There should be an add on piece to the "stop" which would get it to the center of the door frame and making the whole thing longer would make it perfect. Still a time saver but there was still a lot of measuring to find the centers. I did like the price point!


By Linda Thielfoldt

January 6, 2018

Positioning Issues

This fixture works very good on wider wood stock but not so well when using on 1 X 2 or narrower wood. The design of the positioning fence will not allow for centering the hardware at 3/4" from the edge or less depending on the width of the wood without putting a spacer on the face of the fence. This works only OK but, is a pain to keep the spacers in place while clamping and drilling. It would be nice if the fence were redesigned or a secondary fence was available for use on narrow wood stock.


By James Newkirk

October 24, 2017

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