Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack

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Get more from your Accu-Cut™ with an Accu-Cut™ Expansion Pack

  • Double the cutting capacity of the Accu-Cut by adding two more sections of track to make cuts up to 100" long
  • Easily and quickly break down panels and plywood with a circular saw at any angle
  • Same straight, accurate, splinter-free performance as the Accu-Cut
  • Make the cuts you need – anywhere – by taking your saw to the workpiece instead of bringing the workpiece to a fixed saw location
  • No clamps needed thanks to anti-slip guide strips that keep the track in place through the entire cut


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Get expanded versatility from your circular saw and Accu-Cut™

Double the cutting capacity of your Accu-Cut™ with the Accu-Cut Expansion Pack. It connects easily to your Accu-Cut to deliver the same straight, accurate, splinter-free performance on cuts up to 100" long. Make the cuts you need at any length and angle on panels, plywood, and MDF.

The Accu-Cut Expansion Pack brings the same consistent, dependable performance to your projects that you expect from the Accu-Cut – but allows you to guide your circular saw along an even longer aluminum track for support through the entire cut. The anti-slip, anti-chip guide strips extend through all four track pieces to bring the same tearout protection and stability to your cuts, no matter the length.

It’s easy to transform your Accu-Cut into a high-performance, 100" track guide with the Accu-Cut Expansion Pack. Simply connect the two guide tracks to your Accu-Cut whenever you need to make longer cuts. Take your saw and track to your workpiece to make any length cut – anywhere.


Guide Track

Aircraft-quality aluminum with dual anti-chip, anti-slip guide strips

Cut Length

Extends the standard Accu-Cut maximum cut to 100" (2540 mm)


(2) 26.5" Aluminum Guide Tracks
(6) Steel Track Connectors
(8) Anti-Chip/Anti-Slip Guide Strips
Owner’s Manual


Proposition 65

Manual North American Manual

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About time!!

Can’t wait for this to be available near me. Kreg has listened to the customer (and they’re great at doing that usually) but this took faaaar too long to come to market. But at least it’s here. Now they also need to provide a carrying bag for the tracks to protect them in transit/storage. How about it Kreg??


By Michael Goran

December 10, 2018

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