Swing Stop

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Add repeatable accuracy to your miter saw, band saw, table saw fence, router table, and more with this versatile Swing Stop.

  • Curved face allows stop to be easily bypassed
  • Durable bushings ensure rigidity and accuracy
  • Precision lens cursor provides exact measurements
  • Compatible with Kreg® Top Trak and Heavy-Duty Trak


ITEM#: KMS7801

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Get Repeatable Accuracy
Add repeatable accuracy to your miter saw, band saw, table saw fence, router table, and more with this versatile Swing Stop. It holds your desired measurement precisely, and swings out of the way easily when you want to cut without it.

Precision Accuracy
The Swing Stop features a precision lens cursor with a hairline indicator that allows you to set dimensions exactly. Plus, the cursor is adjustable so you can easily fine tune the Swing Stop to your tool.

Versatile and Durable
When you want to use the Swing Stop, it stays where you set it thanks to its rugged aluminum construction and high-quality bushings that prevent deflection. When you want the Stop out of the way, simply swing it up or slide your board into the front of the curved foot, and the Swing Stop will pop up out of the way for an unobstructed cut. The foot also has a small breakaway section that allows you to modify it easily to work on a fence that has an auxiliary face. 

Adaptable Design
The Swing Stop is designed to work with Kreg Top Trak and Heavy-Duty Trak, so you can build your own fence, install the track, and use the stop. That gives you options and means you can easily use the Production Stop on many types of tools. The stop simply drops into the track from the topside, allowing it to be quickly removed and repositioned.



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Reviews for "Swing Stop"

Average Review:

Works as advertised

Another solid Kreg product. Convenient when cutting a mix of lengths. Works as advertised. The reviewer complaining about the lens being off by 3/8” clearly didn’t read directions or use common sense. Of course the measuring tape needs to be offset to correct for the lens offset. I mean, duh. Just read the incredibly clear and simple directions when installing the measuring tape (which os a different product). Tip: make a perfect cut on the measuring tape by scoring it with your utility knife and snapping the pieces apart.


By Jeff Day

May 23, 2020

Poor design

I am a big fan of Kreg designs. They are typically fantastic. This one is not... AFTER I painstakingly mounted the adhesive tape to my Kreg Top Track I realized that for some mind-boggling bad reason they say you must mount your adhesive tape 3/8" closer (or is it further away) from the actual saw blade. So, now I cannot use the little plastic marker w/ the red line to get precise cuts. I cannot fathom why it was designed this way... Regardless, this has damaged my overall opinion of Kreg and I won't buy another product without detailed reviews / reading. p.s. The Swing Stop moves too much. Even when secured in the t-track it wiggles a great deal. Yes, the Production Stop product solves this issue but I expected the Swing Stop to be more rigid / robust.


By Patrick Nickles

December 16, 2019

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