Clamp Trak™

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True Clamping Flexibility 

  • Routes into any wood or composite work surface
  • Provides a portable flush-mounted clamping plane
  • Accepts any Kreg® Bench Clamp™ for complete control
  • Remove Bench Clamp™ to regain flush work surface


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The Clamp Trak™ lets you turn an entire workbench or sawhorse into a clamping station. The Clamp Trak™ can be quickly routed into any wood or composite work surface, such as a workbench or sawhorse, or staggered between two 3/4"-thick panels to provide a flush-mounted clamping plane anywhere you need it. Once installed, it accepts any Kreg® Bench Clamp™ to give you complete control over where you position your clamp. When not in use, you can remove the Bench Clamp™ to regain your flush work surface. 


For Use with

Any Kreg® Bench Klamp


333/4" (857mm) aluminum extrusion (the Kreg® Klamp Trak™)

Manual North American Manual

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