Bench Clamp Base

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  • Easy To Use: Tool-free installation makes it easy to install, remove, and move to different locations
  • Durable: Aluminum Base and heavy-duty anchor bolt hold up to rugged use
  • Versatile: Use on almost any work surface that has 3/4" or 20mm bench dog holes, or drill your own
  • Adjustable: Base can swivel 360° to place clamping pressure wherever you need it
  • Adaptable: Works with any Kreg Bench Clamp



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The Bench Clamp Base makes it possible to use the power and convenience of Kreg Bench Clamps on any work surface, so you can create a versatile clamping station almost anywhere.

The Bench Clamp Base is a perfect companion to the Kreg Mobile Project Center, and it allows you to get more from any work surface that’s equipped with 3/4" or 20mm bench dog holes. Or, you can simply drill a hole in any work surface, and easily attach the Bench Clamp Base, and just as easily remove it when not in use, or move it to another location.

Tool-free installation allows you to set up the Bench Clamp Base in seconds. Just slip the anchor bolt through the hole, and tighten the locking knob. Slide a Kreg Bench Clamp into the Base, and you’re all set. And, you can move or store away the Bench Clamp Base just as quickly, so it’s there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t.


Clamping Method

Benchtop hold-down clamping—when used in conjunction with Kreg Bench Clamp


Movable to allow use on more than one work surface

Compatible With

Kreg Bench Clamps (all models), Mobile Project Center, workbenches with ¾" bench-dog holes


Cast aluminum base, steel ½" anchor bolt, plastic knob with steel nut


Cast-aluminum Bench Clamp Base, anchor bolt, plastic knob with nut (clamp sold separately)


Proposition 65

Manual North American Manual

Reviews for "Bench Clamp Base"

Average Review:

Exactly the function I was needing for the Mobile Project Center

I've had the Mobile Project Center (two of them actually) for the past year and love what they do. But there was always that issue of needing to get a clamp where the center clamp rail or underside clamp rail couldn't reach. It happened more times than you would think. This solves that problem and I don't think the cost is prohibitive at all for what it does. The only suggestion I would make it to use a shorter fastening bolt. While it might be necessary for use on a non-Kreg thicker work bench, you spend A LOT of extra time spinning/threading that knob on for the thinner MPC table surface. It's an easy fix, I just got a shorter bolt and voila!


By Deac Manross Manross

November 16, 2017

Great Idea

One should be included in the 159.99 dollar Mobile Project Center I just paid an extra 45.00 dollars because I purchased 2 Mobile Project Center's, but they didn't come with this plastic part, which isn't worth 19.99 if you purchased the Mobile Project Center! everyone else sure should pay the extra, but we who have already invested greatly shouldn't have too.


By Michael Grant

November 1, 2017

Really $20!

This few pieces of plastic and a screw deserves a $20 price tag? I have always used kreg clamps and jigs but the price gauging here is cost prohibitive!


By David Pennick

November 1, 2017

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