Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter

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Take your Kreg Joinery projects to the next level by creating custom plugs from any wood species. 

  • Fits into any Kreg Jig® (K3, K4, or K5)
  • Hardened-steel drill guides provide reliable drilling and feature a lifetime warranty
  • Works with standard Plug Cutting Bit (included)
  • Works with HD and Micro Bits (sold separately) 
  • Bit tip shears wood fibers cleanly to create a smooth, consistent plug
  • Special fluting reduces heat and friction for better plugs and longer bit life
  • Open design ensures easy plug release 



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With the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter, you can use pocket-hole joinery virtually anywhere — even in places that show prominently on your project — by hiding the pocket holes with perfectly matched plugs that you create from any wood you desire.

Plus, the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter allows you to create face grain plugs that that blend in amazingly well, whether the plugs are in line with the grain, or they run across the grain. These face grain plugs are easier to hide than conventional plugs that have visible end-grain.

In addition, the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter also accepts accessory bits (sold separately) that can cut plugs that fit Kreg Micro-Pocket™ pocket holes, as well as plugs to work with the Kreg Jig® HD — a plug size that’s only possible using the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter.

The Plug Cutter simply slips into a Kreg Jig® in place of the normal drill guide block, and works with a Kreg® Jig K5, K4, or the older K3 model. That allows you to clamp your plug material in place and drill in the same way that is used for creating pocket holes. To create the plugs, just chuck the plug cutting bit into any drill.

This high-performance bit features a specially designed cutting tip that shears cleanly for a smooth, consistent plug. Fluting reduces heat and friction for better plugs and longer bit life, while a positive stop collar ensures perfect depth every time to produce accurately sized plugs. Once the plugs are drilled, they can easily be cut free using a band saw or hand saw.


For Use with

Any Kreg Jig® (K5, K4, or K3)


Made from durable, impact-resistant, glass-reinforced nylon

Bit Compatibility

Works with Standard Plug Cutting Bit (included)
Also works with HD and Micro Bits (sold separately) 


Hardened-steel drill guides feature a lifetime warranty

In the Box

Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter, Custom Plug Cutting Bit for standard pocket-hole sizes, bit stop collar, hex wrench, and owner's manual 

Manual North American Manual

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Worth the investment

when I purchased my K4 master jig. I was asked when I registered the jig if I was interested making my own plugs. I received last fall an email from Kreg that a plug cutter was available . I purchased this cutter and used it last week for the first time. Reading the instructions I selected my craftsman 19v drill and used low speed. Cutting plugs from pine wood for a toy box worked well, I did have issues cutting across the grain but no issues with the grain. I do not think my granddaughter who is 1 will complain about plugs grain going the wrong direction. Good product Kreg did it again..


By Roy Smith

February 13, 2017

Out of the Box

It worked great. Little concerned with the first ones. Put to much down pressure and they came out rough. I am making low priced side tables using doug fir. Very soft. When I read the instruction after the first session I learned that light pressure is better. Started matching grain before cutting. While it looks great its going to add time to the units. After using it for a week I am a little discouraged with the quality of the plugs using doug fir. The are galled and chipped. I am using the drill on high and going slow. Going to put a vacuum on it to keep the chips under control.have to do 5 to get 2 usable ones.


By Ron Sargent

December 9, 2016

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