Kreg® Pocket-Hole Jig 320

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  • Portable jig for creating pocket-hole joints
  • Works with materials from ½" to 1½" thick
  • Simple to set up and easy to use with convenient material-thickness stops
  • Durable construction, lifetime drill-guide warranty
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor projects, and making household repairs
  • Convenient variable pocket-hole spacing with twist-apart drill guides and removable spacers
  • Secure positioning with anti-slip base and included clamp adapter
  • Foolproof setup with a material-thickness gauge, positive stops, and easy-set drill bit and stop collar



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The Complete Pocket-Hole Kit for Building DIY Wood Projects

The Kreg® Pocket-Hole Jig 320 makes it easier than ever to build wood projects — whether you’re building your first DIY project, or you’ve been working with wood for years. The Pocket-Hole Jig 320 uses a simple, easy-to-understand setup process that gives you the versatility you need to build with boards and plywood of any thickness between ½" and 1½". The 320 features two drill guides, a removable spacer, and convenient material-thickness stops.

The included material thickness gauge and easy-set drill bit make setup simple, while the convenient clamp adapter and anti-slip base hold the jig precisely in position while you drill perfectly positioned pocket holes every time. The jig and its included components store in a durable, compact case that even has space to store Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws — with 40 sample screws included. Durable construction and hardened-steel guides with a lifetime warranty ensure that the Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig 320 will deliver the years of project-building and home-repair satisfaction and value you expect from the #1 pocket-hole brand—Kreg®.

Twist-Apart Design
Drill Guides and Spacer twist and lock to make it easy to set pocket-hole spacing.

Easy-Set Drill Bit
Engraved bit markings and stop collar with sight window make bit setup simple.

Clamp Adapter
Convenient attachment for simple and quick clamping using Kreg® and other clamps.

Material Thickness Gauge/Hex Wrench
Helps set correct drill-bit depth, doubles as a hex wrench.



Glass-filled nylon, hardened steel, thermoplastic elastomer

Number of Drill Guides

2 Drill Guides with twist-apart design

Material Capacity

½" to 1 ½" (13-38mm)

Drill-Guide Spacings

¾", 1 ½" (19mm, 38mm), unlimited when drill guides separated

Clamping Method

Works with Kreg Clamps and a variety of other clamps


(2) Drill Guides with Material Thickness Stops
(1) Drill Guide Spacer
(1) Easy-Set Drill Bit and Stop Collar
(1) Material Thickness Gauge/Hex Wrench
(1) 6" Square-Drive Bit
(1) Carrying Case
(40) Sample Screws
Owner’s Manual


Lifetime Drill Guide Warranty


Proposition 65

Manual North American Manual
Global Manual

Reviews for "Kreg® Pocket-Hole Jig 320"

Average Review:

Best tool ever.

Joining wood has never been so easy. Basically you just cut your wood (and your cutting jigs makes that super easy) and screw them together, nothing to it! Do you have the mini in the 300 series?


By Nelson Whittaker

March 16, 2020

Works well but materials/construction weak

I like this did much of what I needed however I have a major issue with the uses small plastic sliding adjusters to set depth....I dropped the jig about half way through a job...plastic hits the tile floor from waist height and the adjusters just snapped off...little tiny tabs break...tool is useable but way less simple....maybe a freak fall, maybe a bad plastic batch but adjusters should be more durable..maybe add s little more material on the thin edges.


By Darren DeVecchio

February 23, 2020

Great idea,quality of materials not so much.

Worked as advertised. Dissatisfied and disappointed that the moving components are made of cheap plastic. The material thickness stopper on the 320 jig I purchased broke during its first use. Can not find replacement parts on their website and am waiting to hear back from customer service department regarding how to proceed. Would hate to return the entire kit for such a small and fixable issue.


By Cesar Valle

December 15, 2019

Great Kreg addition.

This is handy for drilling pocket holes that would be impossible with the foreman or jig. Easy to adjust and set up for different material thicknesses.


By Greg Rauch

October 5, 2019


I already own the top Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. I purchased this one for portability. works as advertised......


By Ralph Vaughan Vaughan

September 26, 2019

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