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The Kreg Jig® Mini is good for very specific applications where the smallest jig possible is required. The simplistic design includes the hardened-steel drill guide of the other jigs but does not include a reference fence, so material thickness adjustments must be made manually.

Unlimited Material Thickness
The Kreg Jig® Mini is the only Kreg Jig® that does not include a positioning fence. This fenceless design allows you to make precise angle and stock depth adjustments as needed, making the Mini the most positionable Kreg Jig® available.

Wood-Chip Relief Hole 
With the Kreg Jig® Mini, you don’t have to keep removing the drill bit to clean out the hole. A wood-chip relief hole in the jig gives the removed material a place to go, so you can keep on drilling.

Plug-Setting Feature
If you decide to conceal or decoratively accent your pocket holes with our solid wood pocket hole plugs, the Mini’s plug setting feature is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to do so.

Hardened-Steel Drill Guides
Precise pocket holes are a guarantee with the Kreg Jig® Mini because the hardened-steel drill guide keeps the bit from deflecting as it hits the workpiece.


Body Material

Glass-filled nylon

Number of Drill Guides

(1) 3/8" (9mm) diameter standard Kreg pocket hole

For Use with

Materials from 1/2" to 11/2" thick (12-38mm)

Clamping Method

Works with Kreg Face Clamps and a variety of other clamps

Screw-Centering Ability

1/2" (12mm) to unlimited


Lifetime Kreg Drill Guide warranty


Kreg Jig® Mini, Kreg drill bit, stop collar, Allen wrench, and owner’s manual. 


Proposition 65

Manual North American Manual

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Average Review:

This Jig Changed My Life

I’ve always been a DIY kinda guy. I would rather buy tools and attempt a project myself rather than hire a contractor. Except when it came to carpentry. My projects were always crude and wobbly.... until I saw this jig used on YouTube and saw the results. I immediately purchased one. Boy what a difference it has made. I’m still not any kind of a master carpenter but my attitude toward carpentry has changed completely as well as my project outcomes. Im currently building cabinets for my kitchen with good results. Once again this little jig has proven indispensable. It’s genius.


By Stephen Austin

May 14, 2020

The BEST tool for your little toolkit

This mini-jig is the best thing since Betty White and sliced bread. Seriously, this tool has helped me build kitchen cabinets, a deck, a closet, and will be building parts of the stairs leading to my basement. It's an excellent tool, easy to use, and definitely expands your wood working capabilities. Worth EVERY penny!


By Owen Hammond

June 10, 2016

Pretty neat

I've not had the chance to actually use the jig body of this yet, but the drill bit is great! See I had my drill fall over and snap off the tip of the bit that came with my R3 kit. When I went to the store to replace it I discovered that for approx. 4 dollars more I could buy this kit. Have not as yet had a call for the jig, but I'm sure I will at some point


By Roy Duncan

July 22, 2015


Una herramienta pequeña, pero muy poderosa. Me simplificó enormemente el trabajo el comenzar a usarla, aparte de ser una gran ayuda para ocultar los tornillos de fijación. Después de usarla una vez, no puedo prescindir de ella. Lástima que no hay distribuidor en mi país.


By Sergio Ocampo

July 8, 2015

my first

this little gem was my intro to kreg jigs wanted to start small and cheap in case i didnt like it after useing it a while i wished i went bigger , i did later. great for small spots and tight areas . used on cabinets and furniture and so many things i lost track, even on some stuff i wanted take down and put up again. cant do without.


By steve truesdell

January 3, 2015

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