Workshop Accessory Bundle

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  • Five 5-star favorites for your toolbox!
  • 90° Pocket-Hole Driver – drive screws in tight places
  • Multi-Mark™ – simplify measuring and layout tasks
  • Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™ – find studs every time
  • Drilling Guide – create perfectly straight holes without a drill press
  • Multipurpose Project Blocks – support, hold, and work on projects anywhere
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5 small tools for under $100 that do big things

90° Pocket-Hole Driver

Turn any drill into a 90° driver with the Kreg 90° Pocket-Hole Driver. This compact drill attachment allows you to drive screws in places you couldn’t normally reach with your drill.

The included 3" square-drive bit has a magnetic tip that locks into the head of a pocket-hole screw and won’t slip out – so you can drive screws with confidence, no matter where they are. This attachment works with all hex shank bits, making it great for more than just pocket-hole screws.

With an ergonomic design, the 90° Pocket-Hole Driver is easy to hold in place with one hand while you control the drill with the other. It’s also impact-rated for use with an impact driver. Whenever you need to drive screws in tight spaces, count on the 90° Pocket-Hole Driver to get the job done.


The Multi-Mark™ is an incredibly handy multipurpose marking and measuring tool, perfect for a wide variety of household and jobsite applications. The Multi-Mark™ features three different scale configurations, a built-in level, a 3/16" (5mm) reveal gauge, and much more. Whether you need to transfer a measurement, lay out mitered corners, or align and straighten project parts, the Multi-Mark™ is the only tool you’ll need to get the job done.

Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™

With a simple and intuitive design, the Kreg Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™ is a pocket-friendly way to hit the mark every time. Featuring strong rare earth magnets, the Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™ offers reliable indication of wood and metal studs. LASER-MARK™ laser line, hi-viz bubble level, and precision marking notches make it easy to anchor cabinets, shelves, and more without the need to mark on the wall.

Drilling Guide

The Kreg Drilling Guide makes it easy to create perfectly straight holes without using a drill press. You can get precisely positioned holes with just a hand drill. Featuring six hardened steel drill guides—from 1/8" to 1/2"—that do the work of holding your drill in position for you. The Guide features an ergonomic design and Kreg GripMaxx™ material that ensure it stays in place as you use it, so your drill bit won’t wander off your mark as you start the hole. The Drilling Guide also automatically centers on the edge of 1/2"-wide and 3/4"-thick boards and plywood, so you can drill holes that are perpendicular to the edge and perfectly centered. Use the Drill Guide for all kinds of tasks – whether you need a hole for driving a screw, mounting hardware, helping create a dowel joint, and much more.

Multipurpose Project Blocks

Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks are the perfect way to support, hold, and work on projects anywhere. These incredibly versatile blocks elevate your material to sit 1 1/2" above the work surface for convenient sanding, finishing, routing, and much more.

The Blocks feature a GripMaxx™ surface on each face – one side to grip your workpiece, and one side to prevent the Blocks from moving around on your workstation. That’s great for tasks like sanding when you don’t want anything slipping and sliding.

Elevating the material makes routing edges easier with added clearance for the router bit. The height also gives clamps room to fit the clamp head under the workpiece – which is useful for drilling pocket holes or assembling your project.

When it comes to painting or finishing, use the retractable painting point with GripMaxx™ for a little extra height. Just twist the project block to raise the point to rest your material on – the painting points won’t even stick to your material or ruin your finish.

Each purchase comes with a set of 4 pucks, with a collective 200-lb weight capacity, to easily balance your project of choice.

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  • 90° Pocket-Hole Driver – 1/4" hex-shank drill bits
  • Multi-Mark™ – 0-6" / 0-15cm measuring range
  • Drilling Guide – 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" drill bits
  • Multipurpose Project Blocks – 200-lb. capacity (set of four)
  • 90° Pocket-Hole Driver – locking bit retainer, ergonomic design, impact rated, 3" magnetic-tip bit
  • Multi-Mark™ – three scale configurations, imperial and metric markings, built-in torpedo level
  • Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™ – projects stud location, powerful magnets find screws and nails, holds hands free on the wall, hi-viz bubble level, works on wood and metal studs, precision centered marking notches, use with or without batteries
  • Drilling Guide – hardened steel drill guides, hole-alignment marks, GripMaxx™ anti-slip surfaces, self-centering on 1/2" and 3/4" material
  • Multipurpose Project Blocks – retractable painting points, GripMaxx™ anti-slip surfaces, hexagon shape won't roll, convenient 1 1/2" height
  • Multi-Mark™ – Ruler adjusts to three positions (0°, 45°, 90°) and slides
  • Multipurpose Project Blocks – retractable painting points
  • 90° Pocket-Hole Driver – Kreg Easy-Set Pocket-Hole Drill Bit, Kreg Square-Drive Drill Bit, Kreg XL Driver Drill Bit
  • Drilling Guide – twist drill bits, brad point drill bits
  • Multipurpose Project Blocks – Kreg joining, cutting and clamping products
  • 90° Pocket-Hole Driver – metal gearing with plastic polymer housing
  • Multi-Mark™ – Plastic polymer, stainless steel
  • Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™ – Plastic polymer
  • Drilling Guide – plastic polymer with hardened-steel drill guides
  • Multipurpose Project Blocks – plastic polymer with rubberized GripMaxx™ pads
3 year limited warranty
Kreg 90° Pocket-Hole Driver
Kreg 90° Pocket-Hole Driver
Kreg Multi-Mark™
Kreg Multi-Mark™
Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™
Magnetic Stud Finder with LASER-MARK™
Kreg Drilling Guide
Kreg Drilling Guide
Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks
Kreg Multipurpose Project Blocks