4' x 8' Face-Framing Table

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  • Highlights
  • Four clamping cylinders that can be adjusted
  • Uses less floor space than a flat table
  • Prevents back pain by allowing worker to stand upright
  • Retractable squaring fence
  • Customized setup
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Fast & Accurate Face-Frame Assembly
Fast face-frame assembly is great. Fast and accurate assembly that virtually eliminates sanding is even better. The Face-Framing Table has four clamping cylinders that can be precisely adjusted, applying great pressure to the joint line on almost any size of frame. The table itself stands at a 30-degree angle, so it uses less floor space than a flat table. It also prevents back pain by allowing you to stand upright, rather than hunched over.

Retractable Squaring Fence
The aluminum squaring fence on the left side of the table retracts out of the way to accommodate frames longer than 8'. Just begin your frame with the squaring fence up, then retract the fence as needed.

Customized Setup
Each clamping cylinder can be independently controlled, so you can actuate each cylinder individually or activate them all at once with a master switch located at the bottom of the clamping arm.

Powerful Clamping
The four high-quality clamping cylinders apply tremendous pressure on the joint line to maintain a flush assembly. The clamping arm rolls easily on roller bearings and each cylinder glides smoothly along the arm for perfect positioning.

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  • Retractable Squaring Fence
  • Durable 1 1/8"-thick 4' x 8' melamine table
  • Independent clamping control
  • Steel frame
  • Melamine tabletop
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