Adaptive Cutting System Rip Guides

Item#: ACS405
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Adaptive Cutting System Rip Guides

Item#: ACS405
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  • Versatile for making clean, straight rip cuts up to 13" wide
  • Precise measuring with built-in adjustable guides and hairline measurement indicators
  • Attach quickly when needed, and easily removable without losing calibration
  • Safe cutting is provided by positioning the 62" Guide Track precisely while the saw moves over the material
  • Adjustable leveling pins position the 62" Guide Track exactly on all thicknesses

Product Details

The fast, easy way to precisely make straight, narrow cuts in plywood and solid wood...anywhere
Rip Guides attach quickly and easily to the Adaptive Cutting System 62" Guide Track to provide accurate measurement and material stops when making cuts up to 13" wide in solid wood, plywood, and other sheet goods. Rip Guides make guided cutting even easier and more accurate. Rip Guides also eliminate the hassle and potential inaccuracies of measuring and marking every cut.

Rip Guides lock onto the 62" Guide Track, and have aluminum bars that extend under the track. That makes it possible to lock in the measurement desired, up to 13", and then make one or many cuts at the exact width without having to measure and mark the workpiece. Simply place the material under the 62" Guide Track, slide it over until the material rests against the Rip-Guide bars, and then make the cut. The Guide Track stays in place on the material, while the Rip Guides position the material precisely.

Rip Guides attach quickly to the 62" Guide Track when needed, and can be easily removed without needing to be recalibrated or adjusted for accurate measurements every time.

Sold as a pair. Designed to work with the Adaptive Cutting System 62" Guide Track.

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Technical Specifications
  • Precision measuring for cuts from 0-13"
  • For cutting with Guide Track off Project Table
  • Hairline indicators for precise measurement
  • Can be stored in Plunge Saw bag
construction Durable ABS plastic and aluminum
adjustability Measuring scales, leveling pins
capacity Cut-width measurements from 0-13"
  • Plunge Saw
  • 62" Guide Track
  • Track Copnnectors
  • Parallel Guides
  • (2) Rip Guides with mounting hardware
  • (1) Owner's Manual