MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard)

posted 5/31/2018 in Kreg Tool Tips: Wood Buying by Kreg Tool Company

MDF can be a good alternative to plywood for some projects. It’s made by gluing and pressing fine wood pulp into sheets. MDF is sold in slightly oversize (49" x 97") sheets.

The extra allows you to trim the sheets to 48" x 96". Home centers usually stock 3/4" and sometimes 1/2" thicknesses. Some stores also stock half and quarter sheets.

General Info Common Uses Pros Cons
MDF is very flat and stable, and has smooth surfaces that take paint very well. MDF isn't as strong as plywood, though, and is heavier. Cutting and sanding MDF creates a lot of fine dust, so be sure to use a dust mask or respirator.  substrates, cases, cabinets, indoor furniture flat, smooth surface, takes paint well heavy, not as strong as plywood, sags if unsupported

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