Kreg Jig® K4

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The Easy Way to Build with Wood!

  • Perfect for do-it-yourselfers and anyone new to Kreg Joinery
  • Removable Drill Guide for benchtop and portable use
  • For use with materials from 1/2" to 11/2" thick (12-38mm)
  • Hardened-steel Kreg drill guides feature a lifetime warranty
  • Removable Drill Guide is great for making home repairs
  • Wood-chip relief holes keep the drill bit clear of excess wood chips
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The Easy Way to Build with Wood!
The Kreg Jig® K4 is the perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers and anyone new to pocket-hole joinery. Whether you’re building your first set of garage storage shelves or making simple repairs around the house, the Kreg Jig® K4 can help you finish the job in less time, and with far less effort than you ever thought possible. Its simple design gives you the confidence you need to get started, and you’ll have your project finished in no time with joints as easy as "Drill. Drive. Done!"

3-Hole Drill Guide with Hardened-Steel Core
The 3-hole Drill Guide lets you make perfectly placed pocket holes in a wide variety of material widths and thicknesses—from 1/2" to 11/2" in 1/8" increments. Every Kreg® Drill Guide features a hardened-steel core that carries a lifetime guarantee. The core shrouds the bit and supports the workpiece through 100% of the drill-stroke, resulting in minimal bit deflection, reduced tear-out, and a clean, pluggable pocket hole.

Large Clamping Recess
The large clamping recess makes it easy to secure your jig to your workbench using Kreg multi-purpose Face Clamps or any common bar clamp or C-clamp.

Sturdy Toggle-Clamp
The Kreg Jig® K4’s rear-mounted clamp design has been around since the first Kreg Jig®. Its proven design offers incredible rigidity and uncompromising workpiece holding strength. Adjustments are as easy as releasing the locknut and rotating to the correct setting.

Glass-Reinforced Nylon Body
The blue body of every Kreg Jig® K4 is made from a heavy-duty, glass-reinforced nylon. This unique composite material offers the resiliency and flexibility you need, with the strength and durability Kreg customers have come to expect.

Superior Angle
Unlike competing jigs with a shallower angle of approach, the Kreg Jig® K4 features an optimized drilling angle, specifically designed to increase driving efficiency and minimize the overall size of the pocket hole. The result is a compact pocket hole, less than 11/2" in size.

Wood-Chip Relief
The Kreg Jig® K4 includes one wood-chip relief hole for every Drill Guide hole to keep the drill bit clear of excess wood chips, minimizing drill-torque, increasing the longevity of your drill bits, and allowing you to complete a perfect pocket hole in just one plunge.

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Body Material

Glass-filled nylon

Number of Drill Guides

(3) 3/8" (9mm) diameter standard Kreg® pocket holes

For Use with

Materials from 1/2" to 11/2" thick (12-38mm)

Drill Guide Spacings

9/16", 7/8", 17/16"
14mm, 22mm, 36mm

Clamping Method

Toggle clamp on benchtop base

Screw-Centering Ability

1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 11/8", 11/4", 13/8", 11/2"
12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 31mm, 35mm, 38mm


Lifetime Kreg® Drill Guide warranty


Kreg Jig K4®, stepped drill bit, 6" square driver, starter Kreg® Screw set, pocket-hole plug set, and owner’s manual.

Manual North American Manual
Global Manual

Reviews for "Kreg Jig® K4"

Average Review:

One of the best tools i own

I didn't want to spent the $100 for this tool, I thought I could get away without it. My wife convinced me that I would use it more then once. Wow was she right. I love this tool. It made building my project so much easier and mote professional.


By Glen Weinschreider

April 11, 2017

Using my Kreg pocket hole jig

I've been using my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to build many things. The biggest project that I used it on is my workbench. It's put together using the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. I also built a assembly table using my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. The new Kreg Pocket Hole Jig K5 came out too late for my builds. However, I have nothing bad to say about Kreg tools. I'm hoping to be able to afford a Kreg router table some day.


By Hans Hartung

April 3, 2017


We love it me and my wife it is amazing can't believe how easy it is to use. Would definitely recommend this to any wood worker beginner or professional everyone can use this tool


By James Jarrell

January 26, 2017

Ready to do this

Received my jig today (9:15am) that i ordered online yesterday, read the quick guide, went to town on a bunch of scrap wood of various sizes and I am impressed, I've been using my router table for a while now, Got the dovetail joins down but this is great for quick joins, my online order gave me a few options to upgrade and i went with the first one (free), the clamp handle is right in front of me so i don't have to reach over or around my work piece to unlock it, The numbers on the side of the removable jig are clearly marked in white so there is no eye strain, (had my whiteout pen handy just in case), the entire unit is heavy for its size, i work for a plastics manufacturer (Q.A Tech ) so i know lot about plastic products and this is a great product, I didn't expect much from the carry case, I'm yet to see one that isn't flimsy so my first project is to build a case for this jig and all the extra bits I'll be buying to go with it. the free plans look like a lot of fun, so i know what I'll be doing on my free time. it would have been nice to get a choice of plugs with the kit, no way will i ever buy white laminated wood, (particle board, no thanks) so those plugs will stay in the pack. All in all it's a good purchase, I never buy things for the sake of it, it's always going to get used and i know this will be used a lot.


By Richard Merks

March 20, 2015


Awesome tool. Be sure to read the directions carefully, stupid me, read it once and thought I knew what I was doing and almost ruined some lumber. Once I got the hang of using the K4, the construction of my project went quickly and smoothly. I am now sold on Kreg tools and have already purchased others, like the Kreg Jig HD and have plans to purchase others in the very near future.


By Bruce Lanier

January 12, 2015

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