Universal Bench with Hardwood Top 32" x 48" with Dog Holes

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  • 1 ½” thick, durable, and ultra-flat Hevea hardwood butcher block bench top offers​ similar hardness to maple
  • Stain- and glue-resistant work surface
  • 3/4" precision-machined bench dog holes and oversized top for ultimate clamping versatility​
  • Customizable height from 31” to 39”​
  • Personalize Kreg® U-Bench accessories
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Get organized and create a great woodworking workspace with the Kreg Universal Bench with Hardwood Top 24" x 32" with Dog Holes. This complete, turnkey workbench features a flat, stable, and durable hardwood butcher block top with protective coating for easy cleanup. Precision-cut dog holes add increased clamping capabilities. Adjustable legs provide versatility to meet you where you work. You can also personalize your bench with Kreg U-Bench accessories and plans for shelves, cabinets, and drawers to make your bench a versatile home for all your DIY and woodworking projects. For mobility, add 3" Dual Locking Casters (set of 4), which are sold separately.

Adjustable height from 31" to 39", leveling feet allow for additional height adjustment
  • Kreg Bench Clamps
  • Casters
  • Kreg VersaGrip Clamps
Hevea hardwood butcher block top
32" x 48"
  • 1 ½” thick, durable and ultra-flat butcher block bench top​
  • Protective surface coating
  • Precision-machined bench dog holes​
  • Bench dog spacing - 96 mm
  • Oversized top for clamping versatility​
  • Customizable height from 32.5" to 40.5"​
  • Personalize with Kreg® Universal Bench accessories
  • (4) Legs (with Levelers and Feet)
  • (8) Rails
  • Hardwood Bench Top with Dog Holes
3 years
Adding Storage to a Kreg Workbench
Adding Storage to a Kreg Workbench
3D Workbench Builder
3D Workbench Builder
Customizable Workbenches from Kreg
Customizable Workbenches from Kreg
Adding Storage to Your Kreg Workbench
Adding Storage to Your Kreg Workbench
Universal Bench with Hardwood Top and Dog Holes

A complete, customizable, solid-top workbench kit for DIYers and woodworkers.


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Simple design for quick setup.


1-1/2” thick solid hardwood butcher block is scratch and dent resistant and comes with a protective coating for easy cleanup of glue, stain, and paint.


¾” precision-machined dog holes increase clamping and cutting options.


Height can be set from 32.5” to 40.5” to accommodate different work setups and preferences. With casters, height is increased by 3".


Available 3” locking casters (sold separately) for mobility around the shop.


Add storage and clamping options with Universal Bench plans and accessories.


Sustainably sourced from renewable, fast-growing Hevea trees, a species of hardwood with similar properties to maple.