Reviews for "Adaptive Cutting System Master Kit"

ACS Master Kit

This is really a quality table. Easy to follow instructions. Kreg really put some thought in designing the table. This has taken place of my table saw. Great job Kreg!


Don Gordon

April 27, 2020

Great system for the money.

I rarely write reviews, but after liking the product and getting exemplary service from Ben when calling tech support. Ben was super helpful and he seems to actually care. Thanks, Jerry


Jerry Griffin

March 17, 2020

Good not great

The overall design is good and you get very accurate cuts. I’m disappointed in the power of the panel saw itself. With a list price of $299, I would like more power. There are plenty of great saw manufacturers that you might consider patterning with to produce a better saw. The current version is not worth the money, which I expect better from Kreg. I’m also disappointed that there seems to be no way to make an eight foot cut, which is necessary when cutting from typical 4 x 8 sheets. I was hoping to be able to eliminate having to run full sheets of plywood through my table saw, which is typically hard to do without help. I look forward to these issues being corrected. This tool does not carry a cheap price tag, which is fine if the quality is there. I think there is room for improvement on the current design and the actual saw.


Bruce Phillips

December 31, 2019

Excellent saw system, with some tweaks can be fantastic!

I agree with all the comments previously written so will not repeat here, only comment on improvements. The leg folding difficulties has been solved. Kreg has designed plastic buttons that make the folding release MUCH easier. While these will probably be provided in future shipments KREG provided me set free for the asking. They were easy to retrofit and work well. I also received at top where the holes were not completely bored through. Kreg customer service provided a new top for free. This is excellent customer service in both cases. I agree the instruction can be a little confusing. I recommend reading the instructions carefully and watching the online videos several time BEFORE starting assembly. The trickiest part is how the track hinges are mounted. They MUST be mounted in such a way as track raises from the table when lifted and moved to the RIGHT (I feed side). This ensures that you can calibrate the track properly using the included dogs in the calibration holes on a TRIMMED track. It also ensures that cutting will tend to force the track harder into the workpiece so the clamping is even better. The track alignment is CRITICAL for best accuracy. I found that deburring both side of the hinge plates with 400 grit sandpaper on both side of the vert slots makes the hinges slide much more smoothly on the cast plates. Also carefully align the plastic alignment plates and ensure they push the hinges toward the back of table at all times. This is critical to take out the small amount of slop between the large metal pins and the hinge plates. Also the two bracket retention bolts should be pushed to the bottom of the T track slots to make the hinge plates perpendicular to the table top before tightening them. If these are not perpendicular the track with not be calibrated as you raise and lower the hinges to accommodate wood thicknesses. When this is done correctly the cuts will be more accurate than a Festool MFT system and on my table the angle accuracy is better than about 0.05 degrees. This is equivalent an 8 sided frame 4 “ wide to less than 1/32” gap is ALL the gap is left in a single joint.. if it is distributed evenly it is about 0.0015” gap, pretty darn good! I like many do not prefer plastic stops and miter gauge. That having been said if you are reasonably gentle thy should hold up OK in a home use situation. I calibrated my stops aligning the thinner end under the track with the trimmed plastic cut strip, them adjust the rules so both read 0” on the scale the arrow points to. The other scale is then aligned precisely to 10” ( the stop is 10” long) using an accurate square against the side of the T slot. Finally I mark all position with a fine red permanent marker on a T slot exposed rails. I use the same fine RED marker to color in all the arrow marks on highlight the scale on the protractor head. I calibrated the protractor scale against dog pushed into holes that are far apart as possible and still fully contact the track head and while hold the head against one side of the T track tightening the track knobs. Lastly the scale pointer is set to 45 degrees. When this is done right I was surprised how accurate other angles are. I measure better than 0.1 degree. This is pretty darn good given the cost of the hardware. By backing up the miter head to a dog or using a dog hole clamp rigidity is much improved. I would suggest to Kreg to add setscrew adjustments to take up slop in the track slides for the protractor. In the future I may adapt a higher quality miter gauge from a table saw to produce a more repeatable and accurate miter solution. I may also make make a fixture that rides tightly in both slots and allows both rips and calibrated miter cuts. In summary a reasonably priced saw with great upside potential!


Charlie Conger

December 30, 2019

Excellent Tool

The kreg cutting system is an excellent addition to my shop. Despite having a tablesaw and extension table I have always been concerned about being able to make safe and accurate cutes with large sheets of plywood. This system takes care of that concern. Cuts are accurate. The blade is buried in the material, and I can use the table for assembly. The only reason why I gave it a four is that ACS table is difficult to collapse due to the push button on the folding part of the legs. The use has to push one button on one side, then move to the other to push the button on the other side in order to collapse the legs at the pinch point. If only it had the same legs as the saw horse. A minor complaint on an otherwise great system.


William Otto

December 14, 2019

can't go wrong

I own several Kreg tools and have never been disappointed, this new track saw is no exception, excellent quality at a fair price, customer service is the best, keep up the good work Kreg


Jerry Clark

December 7, 2019

ACS & My Wheelchair

I picked up my ACS a couple of days back. Right out of the box it’s genius! Since I work in wheelchairs my needs are different. The legs are rock solid. They are bent in such a way that you will not get hung up on the corners. I can fold and unfold ACS with out assistance in my powerchair. Moving it, rolls like a feather! Build like a rock. I actually towed it with my powerchair to a worksite down the street! A week later My pals showed up with a brand new Kreg Saw and track. This is the first time I have ever had solid control of my saw on plyboard cuts. It was a dream come true. I can cut plyboard in my chair. At last A horizontal panel saw. The saw is BITCHEN. I have never used a plunge saw. It locks on that rail and you are now close to CNC. The Kreg blade delivered crisp edges with Uber clean cuts. The power plant is Nice and light. Very well balanced. Snapped into the track then it floats! My new ACS set up will be the safest tool in my shop. I can finely cut sheet goods! This is a lifetime tool. You gotta keep these babies clean. No dents no dings no dust. These are tools that you take care of. Not the type you throw in your rig going home. No! Accurate clean smooth cuts on a sheet of Baltic Birch. You have no idea. TS Portland, OR.


Thomas Schuck

November 3, 2019

Kreg Track Saw

The how-to video and fit and finish of this product is outstanding! The cut quality is fantastic!


Mike Sanders

October 30, 2019

Great system -- Ideas for improvement

I love having nice square cuts on my ACS system. Overall I give it 5 stars. I have two suggestions for improvement. First of all, I am using the system to build kitchen cabinets which are standard 34 1/2 inches tall. With a toe kick of 4 inches, it leaves a 30 1/2 inch face frame. With 1.75 inch face frames the internal stiles are 26 1/2 inches. The extension slide wouldn't let me set 26 1/2 inches. The extension needs to have more space between the head and the scale for these measurements. The second improvement is about the order of assembly in the manual. I trimmed my track too soon and ended up going all the way through the project table top. I think the manual can be improved to prevent that. That all being said, I am enjoying the system and the quality of the cuts are second to none.


Steven Hatch

June 13, 2019

Perfect for my small garage/shop

After a relocation forced me to have to give up the large Jet cabinet saw that my original shop space was built around, I was looking for a system that would allow me to precision cut sheet stock and other dimensional lumber then be able to get the tool out of the middle of my new smaller shop space. This is system is exactly the "Swiss Army Knife" I was looking for. The cuts are accurate, clean with no tear out and laser straight. Very happy. On the customer service front, one of the system components I ordered was damaged in shipping. Kreg customer service replaced the part immediately and without any issue. Again, very happy.


Taber Noble

June 10, 2019

Great Product

I am a one armed DIY enthusiast and have difficulty holding material safely for cutting and measuring. The Master system gave me a great boost in confidence and accuracy. I set the measurement and cut ;great accuracy and save a lot of time with repetitive cuts. Although it is meant to be used with the right hand, I have been able to use with my left hand only and still be safe and get great cuts. It is very easy to store and setup saving a ton of space in my shop/garage.


William Spratt

May 2, 2019


Fantastic Product from Kreg, with everything I need for my small shop (I have no Table Saw); allowing me to make a wide variety of precise cuts. The Table and Saw are impressive. Had one small issue making the initial cut. I could not get the track to rest against the versa stops. With the Hinge Support Bracket on the front side of the Hinge Mounting Plate, the Plate would not slide forward enough to let the track's Edge touch the versa stops. My solution was to place the Hinge Support Bracket on the back side. Not sure if that's correct, but after I did, I was able to complete the set up. Perhaps Kreg can address that issue. This System is great for my needs, and saved me big money that I wasn't willing to spend on other tables. I will get a lot of use and a quick return on this investment. Thanks again Kreg


Doug Bornyk

April 30, 2019

Awesome tool

I purchased my Kreg adaptive cutting system for use in my public school woodshop. We assembled the system today and it is rock solid. All of the parts were included and the components were delivered damage free . I own and use a Festool TS 75 . It is used for breaking down sheet goods . I was in the market for an Mft table but the cost was well out of my reach . Kreg tools came out with their system so I decided to take a chance on it. We use Kreg tools daily in the shop and all of the tools work as described . The ACS is well made and rock solid. The saw follows the track and the saw blade plunges into the work. No exposed blades to worry about so students can be exposed to real world woodworking activities with the danger of a typical circular saw pressed against a clamped straight edge . The saw is solid and has a soft start variable speed motor . There is an anti kick back feature that keeps the saw from moving backwards Incase it binds . There is a riving knife on the saw that engages when the saw is plunged . The bench dogs that come with the system are anodized aluminum . I may order another set to have around the shop . The quality of the dogs is impeccable . The ACS is well engineered . It folds and rolls away for easy storage when not in use. I want to thank the Kreg tool company for brings an affordable track saw system to the mark. I look forward to many more well engineered and crafted tools .


Joseph Calvarino

April 9, 2019

Initial thoughts on the ACS3000

I have a basement shop with a table saw, bandsaw, miter saw, router table and CNC, and can do pretty much everything needed, however getting and cutting sheet goods into a basement shop is difficult. I’ll be starting a big project (New kitchen cabinets for our house) soon and decided to give the ACS3000 a shot. It will reside in the garage even after the big project. I just got it this weekend and still learning, I thought I would share some early thoughts (if you’re like me, it was hard to find comments and reviews from real world users on such a new system). The system is really well built and very sturdy. It’s been incrediably accurate and the repeatability of cuts has been great. Setup was pretty straight forward, but follow the instructions, and it will save you some back tracking. I also purchased the Kreg work horse which coupled with the ACS3000 makes cutting down sheet goods a breeze. My only two negatives thus far are the initial alignment with the bench dogs was a bit tricky as I couldn’t get the track to touch both stops. I eventually got it figured out but clearer instructions and suggestions on this step would be helpful. The other is the dust bag which in my opinion is a nice thought but pretty useless. However dust control works great when hooked up to a shop vac. Having the ability to make 3 solid contact points for the stock works great to help keep things square and secure. So far this has been a great addition to my shop and tools. I’ll share future thoughts and comments as I spend more time with jt.


Bill Barry

April 7, 2019

Projects just got easier!

The ACS is a great way to cut material accurately and repeatedly for any project. I get material tear out off of the blade with my table saw, but the ACS produces ready to join edges right off of the blade. Setting repeatable cut lengths and angles with the Versa Stops is also a great luxury. They provide a solid edge to slide your material up to and allow for quick and easy set up! I recommend this system for anyone who doesn't have the means for a table saw and or miter saw and wants to build projects with accuracy and dependable results.


Casey Reeves

March 12, 2019

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