Reviews for "Mobile Project Center"

Best multi job work bench I have ever owned!

I have had this bench for a year now and love it. I use it mostly for wood working projects, but find myself using it for almost every project now. I even use it a a stand to support my bicycle rig I made to clean my chain and work on my recumbent bike. This is a sturdy well built table and operates smoothly. I also love the slim folding for storage in my garage since my wife parks her car in there. The only thing that would make this better would to add a strong magnet to the pocket for screws, drill bits, and screw tips.


Berley Rodabaugh

May 20, 2020

Make your own

I have 2 of these I have used them for over a year. I build 100s of pieces of furniture per year.The tables are not flat each side is down about a 1/4 inch so it makes it difficult to get a flat clamp. When making doors I always had issues with the being twisted UNTIL I bought a track from kreg and made my own totally flat table. Do not buy this product but the track kit and make your own.


floyd reed

December 12, 2019

Almost Great

I’ll second the thoughts of many other reviewers; it needs adjustable legs (!) & the table may not be perfectly flat when raised. With that said; if they come out with an adjustable height model, I’ll be less than thrilled. I don’t think either will cause me significant grief, but if I had to change one of the two, it would be to add height adjustability. It’s very sturdy & heavier than expected, but not unmanageable for an adult with light-average strength. There are “pinch points”, but they are very clearly discussed & marked. Pay attention & they won’t be a problem.


David Fluke

April 1, 2019

Top surface not level and no height adjustment

Table is Ok for some things, but when opened the 2 halves aren’t flat with each other. Both ends are lower than the center. No height adjustment makes this poor for your back if you want to use it for assembly that takes time. Its too bad, i saw a kreg add showing it matched up with Kreg Track horse, that DOES have height adjustments. I bought a project center and a track horse, but only the track horse is adjustable height. They borh fold up very nicely and easily with is importand to me because i have limited space so its easy to set up when I need them! Track horse height adjustmeny is awesome, very easy and clear markings allows all legs to be set at the same height in seconds!


Ronald Buchheit

February 13, 2019

Mobile project Center

I bought three of these and love them but even though it mentions pinch points iv'e done it twice and the last time (today) it fell over (folded) and I went to pick it up and pinched three fingers and the pain was unreal. When folded I wish they would stay put. I can tolerate pain but this went on for at least 2 minutes.


kirk achenbach

November 23, 2018

Fixed Height is Hard on Backs

This bench is great and I would have given it five stars if there was a height adjustment. I'm six-foot-two and if I do any work at the table height, my back is sore within minutes. No work is comfortable if you are hunched over to reach the work. The frame is C-channel, so I'm sure there is a way to modify if you've got the time and tools, but it would be great if Kreg would keep this sort of thing in mind.


Robert MacFarlane

September 16, 2018

Great Tool!

Liked the first one so much, I bought a second one. I don't use the interlocking pieces to link them together, though, because I don't have to. They're so rock solid I just sit them next to one another, they;re not moving. I also have a special 48" long piece of plywood to put between them if I want a larger workspace. Space is a premium for me this solves. These tables are well designed and constructed and, like I said, rock solid. The included clamp also serves as a carry handle. If I had any beef, it's that the table doesn't lock flat, but being the old toolmaker, I solved that problem. Just takes a few additional minutes to set up and take down.


Robert Morton

June 17, 2018

Great investment

Bought two of these for my workshop! Love how versatile and solid they are, combined with the kreg clamping system - you just can't beat it.


sean conrad

June 17, 2018

Great product.

I saw this product in one of their promotional emails I get. I watched the video and bought 2 of them. I have used them a few times and am very satisfied with them. I understand about the pinching possibility but it's easily solved if you just remain aware of it when you set up and take down the table. I have joined them together and have had no issues about doing that. Next step is extend them into a longer bench using the plywood and 2x4 supports. Over all this is the best product of it;s kind on the market. I'm sure that there will be improvements made to the next model. I recommend this product to any one from the beginner to the experienced DIY.


Randy Coad

February 9, 2018


A must have Kreg product , usable for any project around the house , garage or shop, it's a very valuable accessory


gary boyd

January 22, 2018


If I don't like a tool I've purchased, for whatever reason, I return it. I have two of these. I won't be taking them back.


Walt West

January 2, 2018

Good but

Heavy, well made. Main gripe is the top doesn't lock up flat. Each side drops about a half inch on each side. Wish there was an aftermarket fix for this.


Butch Reed

December 9, 2017

Excllent Worktable

Saw this at the Kreg booth in a woodworking show in Hickory, NC. Was looking at the K-5 System (great Item, bought it too) to see what it could do and the rep had it set up on this worktable. I was blown away by the rock solid feel and stability of this unit. The table is large, but not too big to maneuver around. It also stays in place when set up - no creeping. Easy to set up and break down, just watch your fingers on the pinch points. The top has many clamping locations and a drill holster to hold your drill with the bit in place. Three possible improvements: There is a well to hold small parts, please make it large enough to hold the drill bit and driver bit; an on board storage compartment for the bench dogs, connector clips and other small pieces would be nice; and more vertical clamping spots along the side so I can edge plane boards. Over a great product and easy to use. Will be buying one for my son for his birthday.


Tom Meisenzahl

November 10, 2017

Gerald LaLonde

KWS1000 Mobile Project Center; Kreg makes very nice products but, in the products they make with table tops, it seems like the tops are never large enough. also, this product has a serious pinch point. I have many Kreg products in my shop. I hope this review hits home.


Gerald LaLonde

November 9, 2017

One star off for crushed fingers

I purchased 2 of these at a woodworking show. I wanted a portable, foldable worktable solution for my very small garage. I like Kreg stuff in general and really liked that I could build a table to span the two tables. I also liked the ability to use Kreg clamps on the table and the weight capacity of each. The ability to key two tables to each other with butterflies is nice, but I'll probably never use that feature. Despite plastic table construction, they seem pretty rigid when locked open. I have one MAJOR complaint though. These tables present a pinch point hazard when folded. They do not lock closed. I have pinched (crushed really) fingers more than once in both the top and the bottom of the table. Not great. I am now VERY aware of where I put my hands when handling the folded table. I really hope KREG adds a lock mechanism in the next version of this to lock the table closed when folded.


Craig Aumack

October 24, 2017

Better than the reviews

Went to my local Lowe's to purchase for a project I wanted to do. I had read the reviews on several websites before I went and picked one up. This is by far the best mobile unit I have ever spent money on. Ease of use, design and general workmanship not only helped make the job much easier but I'll take a drive back to Lowe's to buy another one, along with a few more clamps.


Mark Gottsacker

August 27, 2017

Exactly what I was hoping for - 2 mod requests, though

I read and watched YouTube reviews of multiple portable workstations. I ultimately chose the Kreg for the weight and strength - I appreciate some folks want light weight but I work alone in my shop and can't be chasing my work table around the floor with the sheet of plywood I'm trying to work with. I have lots of Kreg tools and appreciate the integration this table affords. I only have two suggestions: 1) a capture clip for the table props to eliminate the pinch hazard at the center section when lifting table from flat position and 2) onboard storage for the dogs and the 2x4 brackets. That's all that kept this from 5 stars. Come on Kreg, start work on model KWS1001.


Keith Denton

June 30, 2017

Fantastic Workbench

I purchased two of these Work Stations which doubled the work area. Being able to connect the Work Stations together with the innovative connector-keys greatly expands their use. I find the Work Station very stable when set on a flat, stable surface. The Project Center is very well built and I highly recommend it.


Harley Cassel

June 21, 2017

Fantastic bench/ table

This is a great product. I have scoliosis, so being able to move the Project Center by myself is very important. Not only does it do a great job at clamping and assembly, it gives me a movable table to use as a bench to hold tools, screws and other parts as needed around the new house. I consider Kreg to be a cross between DeWalt and IKEA, tough products with innovation.


Clint Hoerner

June 5, 2017

Table is not level

First of all I am a huge fan of Kreg tools. The mobile project center is not the caliper of the other tools. The table top is plastic and the center is metal. When the sides are locked, you have to lift the bracket up to get it in the hole to lock it. When it locks in, the table drops when the bracket settles in the hole. there is a 1/8 to 1/16 difference from the center to the edge. This means if you are trying to join two pieces of wood it won't be even because the center is higher than the edge. Very poor design. Before you purchase the project center, take a piece of wood and lay it a crossed the table side ways balancing on the metal center piece and you will see the difficulties it will cause if you have to straddle the piece. The bolt to the clamp broke the first time I clamped it. I wasn't happy because I was so excited to start my project. Kreg customer service was fantastic and I had a new bolt in a couple of days. There are definitely better tables out there. Festool makes an amazing project table, a bit pricy but it's level all the way around.


William Meeter

April 28, 2017

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