Reviews for "Drawer Slide Jig"


These work great! They save a lot of guess work, measuring, test fitting and all the other fun stuff mounting drawer slides. These will save you a ton of time and your better half won't be hearing a whole bunch of cussing coming from your shop. One reviewer said they can not be used on a bottom drawer. Well I just built a night table with 3 drawers and used it on all three drawers with no problems.


Duane Heda

May 22, 2019

Great product

This the third jig I have use to install drawer guides and it is far superior to the other to. The jig lined up parallel a held the heavy 22” guide without any help.


George Wilmore

April 29, 2019


I was unable to use the Drawer slide jig on an eight drawer desk. I dont think I will be using it because it requires more space than I allow. Usually, I space drawers into openings with about an eighth in above and below. My dust panels usually interfered with jig use. I am disappointed in it.


Charles Long

October 30, 2018

Some info i didn’t know

This product works great except one thing they dont tell you. It does NOT work for the bottom drawer (or a single drawer) of a cabinet. I bought it for a project with only one drawer and was unable to use it. I have since used it for another project and it does work good for multiple drawers


Steven Wood

May 9, 2018


Anything Kreg has to help do things BETTER is always a plus for a DIY guy like myself!!!!


Jack W Kline

September 9, 2016

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