Reviews for "Concealed Hinge Jig"


Awesome product! The Good: easy to use, accurate, made my work of installing concealed hinges a breeze. The plastic base is solid, strong material, the cutting bit is well made and fits into the shank perfectly. The fact that the collar guide can be removed easily from the base while the base is clamped down makes checking the depth of cuts easier. Great tool. The Bad: really nothing bad, I would like to see clamp down points and a depth gauge for cutting, other than that no issues.


Anthony Romeo

June 11, 2020

Mortise Jig doesn't last

I own a cabinet refinishing company and we do redoors quite a bit. Our guys in the field have these Jigs on their trucks but when you are mortising 50-60 holes the center sleeve heats up and will no longer work properly and will allow the bit to wobble. Center sleeve needs to be made of metal to make this jig last and get 5 star review. Or sell just the centering component seperately. I am working with a machine shop to build a better mouse trap.


Bryce Taylor

December 26, 2019

Guide is weak.

I was pretty happy with this until I fgot to door number 14. After only 28 hinges the center guide started to bind and the dark but was no longer in the center. This is disappointing since I really liked this tool. 1) Set up is quick and easy. 2) I was able to get the holes drilled rather quickly and accurately. 3) The hole guides for the hinge screws were convinient. The only drawback is that the center guide for the drill bit seems to be the weak point.


Mike Stewart

March 29, 2019

Too flimsy

Will be OK for those who do not have a drill press. The jig is pretty flimsy and there is too much play in the drill guide. If you are chasing precision your holes will be out more than 2mm. I drill my door hinges so that double doors close with almost no gap. Depending on the hinges used this becomes a challenge using the jig.


Willem Martins

January 22, 2019

First Time User

It has been years since I installed cabinet doors. (30 plus) As a result I had never used European Hinges. We are redoing our kitchen cabinets and wanted the exposed hinge look to go away. I purchased your concealed hinge jig from Woodcraft and found it exactly what I was hoping for. Accurate, simple with a long lasting bit drilling in oak for the 38 hinges I needed to install. Truly performed as the claim, allowing me to do work with a hand held drill that looked like it was done with a drill press. Thank you Kreg!


Bruce Peck

January 16, 2019

Makes Installing A Hinge A Breeze

I have installed concealed hinges before, and used another jig, and it only worked with one style. This makes the job effortless, and give you professional results.


Joe Schindler

October 29, 2017

Drilling Depth

The jig drills slightly over 1/2" deep when adjusted as described in the instructions. This depth places the tip of the bit very close to the opposite surface when drilling 5/8 material. To prevent breakout you need to tightly clamp backing to the opposite side and shim the bit to reduce the drilling depth. I added a washer on the bit between the stop and the jig to reduce the drilling depth. With the modification and backing, the jig worked quite well.The jig should include more adjustment for the drilling depth.


Jurista Dave

April 20, 2017

First Time worked like a charm!!!

This is the easiest jig I've ever used. Can't go wrong with this jig. I would recommend this to anyone. It works just like it's demonstrated in the videos. I was apprehensive when I first tried the jig, and did it on the piece of scrap, but it worked like a charm cutting the hole and then I placed the pilot holes for the screws.


Steven Castaneda Jr.

December 27, 2016

Just Purchased

Well, I just had the opportunity to use this new jig. I had never installed concealed hinges prior to this, and after a few test holes, getting it all dialed in (super simple by the way), I was off and running making perfect holes in my new doors. I wish the instructions from the hinge manufacturer had been this clear and simple. There is only one thing that would take this tool from good to great; the pilot hole guides would be GREAT if there was a metal bushing (like the pocket hole kit) on the inside of the hole guide; as I see it, these are going to wear out VERY quickly. Another great product from Kreg. Keep up the good work.


David Erwin

December 10, 2016

Great jig at a fair price

I'll preface this review by saying that I had been shopping for a concealed hinge jig for a while and had primarily been considering what Rockler offers, but, their Jig It products for this application start at $69. So, when Kreg introduced this jig, I had to give it a shot due to the cost. Having just used this on an entire kitchen's worth of cabinet doors, I can comfortably say that this jig is a good buy overall. Sure, you have to move clamps and switch bits for every hinge that you bore, but, that's alright once you get into a rhythm. My only complaint about the product is that the accuracy of the 1/16" pilot holes for the hinge screw connection is just so-so. You end up having to hold the hinge down when you install it to make sure it doesn't end up crooked. A minor inconvenience. Also, I'm not 100% enthusiastic about the all plastic construction and how long it'll last, but, so far so good. One tip: if you're lucky enough to have two drills, it will save you from having to switch between the forstner bit and the 1/16" bit.


Tom Brennan

October 3, 2016

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