Reviews for "Shelf Pin Jig with 5mm Bit"

Great product

I am hooked on their tools. Great technology it makes me feel like a pro even though I'm an amateur ha ha ha ha.


george aguilar

February 26, 2019

Very handy tool

I don't have one yet but I do plan to get one soon. Now you need to design a similar tool for drilling bench dog holes. The Woodpeckers version is way too expensive!


Michael Hill

November 22, 2018

Great product

I was a little worried about the price but it was well worth it. The jig worked perfect the first time I ever used it, the holes were perfectly line up every time. This is absolutely worth the price.


Lloyd Plum

July 31, 2017

Nearly excellent!

A good piece of kit, obviously with limitations depending on where you want to place your holes. They give you a joining piece to add on another jig but a separate add on jig is not available - you have to buy the whole kit. A bit of a waste and why I can't give it 5 stars.


Duncan Edwards

February 21, 2016

Sometimes too wide

I have the Shelf Pin Jig and it does a great job when you have new construction and have not put anything together. However I tried to add shelf pin holes to a cabinet where I need the holes 3/4" from the edge but there is an adjoining piece 1 1/2" from the edge. There is no way to fit the jig in the space. I have thought about buying another jig and cutting down the drill guide plate just shy of the gussets of the drill guides to make it narrower. But I don't need the entire jig kit. Just the drill guide plate which is not sold separately.


Brett McAlister

October 19, 2015

I must be missing something

I thought the 32mm european system specified that the front row of holes in a cabinet be 37mm from the front edge. The way this is set up gives 1 in if the fence is hooked, and will give 37mm if you can hold it flush to the edge. Why wouldn't you make it so the fence would hook against the front edge to give 37mm ? (Why 1 in?) I guess that I could make an accessory fence and fit it to flush with the edge of the jig - but why shouldn't the jig give me the option? Otherwise a fine effort.


m koury

February 14, 2015

Time Saver

Got this for a build I did for a family member that wanted adjustable shelves. This make the worked 150 times quicker and alot more accurate than measuring and marking, and your holes will be straight instead of at angles or the pin holes being to big from trying to get them straight.


Mike Pederson

December 14, 2014

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