Reviews for "Accu-Cut™"

looks great

I'm waiting for the Accu-cut/Rip-cut package deal, and it wouldn't hurt if the package came with the clamps for the accu-cut as well...


Troy Rogers

July 18, 2017

Accu-Cut Review

Presently I don't own an Accu-Cut. It looks like a well made quality product but it is only 4 feet long. I would buy one if it was 8 feet so I could rip a full sized sheet.


Jerome Frauli

July 12, 2017

Only needs one more feature

This tool is very exciting. I love Kreg's quality an innovation! They solve so many customer problems in innovative ways with unbeatable durability. Unfortunately they fell 48" short on this one. I am puzzled why they did not come up with a full 8 feet of cutting track or at least give us the option of buying an extra track with a coupling kit. Some of us are not in the market for a full blown track saw solution but would love to use our own saws to solve the 8 foot cutting challenge. Hopefully this can be addressed quickly.


John LeJeune

July 10, 2017

How Can You Review Something You've Never Used?

Note: I didn't want to, but I had to select a star just to make this comment. None of the first 8 'reviewers' have even used this tool. How can they give it a meaningful rating? Their comments are based on the KREG video, the website description or the reviewers experience with similar tools. None of this compares with actual experience using this particular tool - that's what I believe most customers want to see a review reflect.


T Moran

July 7, 2017


Looks great at a fair price. I will wait to buy when you add the other four feet. Im sure when you add 4' it will be in two 4' sections like you know who.


Terry Thomas

July 5, 2017

Track too short

To be fair, I do not own it. I have used a Makita track saw with dedicated tracks in different lengths up to one continuous track to make 8 foot rips. If you want a good rip have the right size track.


Joe Tuminello

July 5, 2017


hey ///im from isreal and i wanna now when i can by theis prefect tool??? please


hen des

June 30, 2017

Dee Warren

Looks like another 5 star product. If not already in the works, being able to cut a full 8' length would be beneficial. Never being able to justify the cost of a Festool plunge, I will be buying the Accu-Cut.


Dee Warren

June 12, 2017


Looks great but please make this expandable to 8 feet


Ben Vanden Berg

June 8, 2017


I'm so disappointed that it's only 48 inches long. 50 or 55in (like track saw) would be much better. Melamine sheet are 49in wide and this is the kind of material that suffers the most of chipping. I'm also very skeptical about the joint in the middle. Not sure there's no play there. I tried this kind of splitted guide in the past and it didn't worth it. Kreg, please review your copy. Thanks.


Yves Nadeau

June 8, 2017


Another great looking product from Kreg and a much more economical option to the Festool or Dewalt tracksaw kits. The kit appears to come with two track sections and lists a maximum cut of 48". Would like to see that additional track sections could be added to make a full 96" cut length available for sheet goods.


Jason Leighton

June 8, 2017

Just seen the video on YouTube

So just seen the video on YouTube, and said I have to have this for my shop. I have several Kreg tool from the rip cut to pocket hole jig. This is my next want from the Kreg line of tools. Can't wait till it's available. And will update when it comes in.


Pete Getti

June 2, 2017