Reviews for "Accu-Cut™"

Could have got 4 or even 5 Stars, but...

I'm sort of a novice to intermediate woodworker. First, I've got BOTH the Rip-Cut AND the Accu-Cut. The Rip-Cut is older and has a slightly different sled for the saw. While both are very good, I prefer the newer one on the Accu-Cut and have a saw mounted to it permanently. I switch from the Rip to Accu-Cut using the same sled without any adjustment. I really like the Accu-Cut. Does everything I need and want it to do. Only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars (You LISTENING, Kreg?) is not being able to purchase a set of the connecting pieces separately. I would buy another Accu-Cut tomorrow if I had the ability to put them all together and cut a 8' length of plywood. 'Till then..........3 Stars.


Robert Morton

June 17, 2018

Need More

Need extension capability so that customers can cut a full sheet of plywood at an angle. I have the Accu-Rip which allows me to break down full sheets at 90 degrees only. But I have 2 repeating projects that require angles that the 48" Accu-Cut is too short for. Thanks


Ben Reese

June 15, 2018

Great tool

This is a great tool but needs more track like others have said. I would like to have the clamps include in a package instead of separate for they are needed.


William Gross

May 15, 2018

Great idea but too little and not enough options

Even though there is some play in the sled to the track connections I did get a really nice straight cut with it. The tracks underneath should have a notch cut out in them also so you don't have to remove the plastic starter guide in order to insert or remove the Kreg clamps for storage. Also they REALLY, REALLY NEED A TRACK ONLY KIT. Having to shell out another $80 to do a full 96" cut plus find additional connectors from someplace is absolutely ridiculous. Especially since if you already bought the cross cut tool you already have the sled portion for the saw so you really only need the tracks.


Rodney McManamy

April 8, 2018


I have just finish a studio desk for a friend that required cuts of 118.68,47.82 and 132.18 degrees to create the legs. Cut them out of one sheet of Plywood. I use the Accu-Cut and it performed beyond my expectations. After glue up I kept thinking this is like creating an art piece. I also had the issue of it being to short. solved that issue. I bought a second Accu-Cut and added another section. If in the future you make one that will extend to cover eight feet I would recommend making the sections into two four foot sections. Thanks Kreg for another great Tool.


Thomas Guthrie

March 18, 2018

Out standing tool

This is an out standing tool and when you use the rip cut it add a whole nother level of speed and productivity to a job sit.



February 15, 2018

Works Well, Except Plastic Starter Track is Flimsy; Needs More Track Pieces

This guide works far better than others I have used. But the plastic starter track is way too flimsy, resulting in the saw being too unsupported at the very beginning of the cut. A third track section is needed for a 48" cut. Also I would like to make full 96" cuts. That would require 3 more track sections with attaching hardware. Yet track is unavailable separately, something others have complained about. Please correct this.


Larry Hicok

January 1, 2018

Great Tool, Another Kreg home run

This is a great tool. Breaking down ply is now easier and faster, and the results are better. It takes a little bit to get your saw mounted in the sled. But once competed it cuts very good. Buy it.


Matthew Hickman

December 24, 2017

Works just fine

Got this today and worked fine. Not sure why some guys are having trouble putting it together but no problems on my end. After I made my trim cut it was right on the money, again, not sure why some guys are having trouble, mine was right on the mark every time, maybe some are using the wrong blade.


Bruce Day

November 14, 2017

Works good but could have been better

I bought this hoping to solve a big issue of breaking down sheet goods. However, the the fittment is not as precise as I would hope. For jobs that tight, precise cuts are not necessary, then this will work.


Joe Schindler

October 29, 2017

Great addition to shop

I'm not typically big on writing product reviews, though I always read them. In this case I need to offer my opinion. Kreg tools have always performed as advertised and the Accu-Cut did as well and in fact far exceeded my expectations. As the owner of a small furniture building and refinishing business, I can't afford or house a large panel saw. I bought the Accu-Cut to get me through a 48" x 48" coffee table project with multiple cuts of 5/4 wood. The Accu-Cut performed flawlessly with no lateral movement of the track and no clamping required with precise cuts every time. Next project are cabinets and this tool will play an integral part of the build. Great investment at a reasonable cost.


Craig Leopard

September 29, 2017

Good but not great

Good but not great. As mentioned by other reviewers (on Amazon) there is "play between the sled and the track (enough to change the angle between the blade and the track at least a couple degrees)" This effects the accuracy and reproducibility of the cut. I typically found a 0.5mm to 2mm variation along the length of the cut. This movement also causes excessive wear of the blue anti-slip/anti-chip strips. Every time I made a cut I would notice a few small blue chips of plastic. Another issue was with saw compatibility. I was unable to use my Milwaukee 2630-20 cordless saw as the base was to narrow. I had to use my corded Makita 5007GK instead. If you are cutting down sheet goods to finish off on a table saw the Kreg Accu cut is fine .If you need a high degree of accuracy you may want to look elsewhere. On a positive note the non slip strips are extremely effective at no time did I feel the need to clamp down the wood that I was cutting.


Phillip Baertschi

September 22, 2017

Absolutely great for weekend project within 1/32

I bought this unit to build a toolchest using 1/2" baltic birch plywood. I had to rip 4'x8' to rip apart. I made my cutting plan so I only had to cut on the 48" side PROS As precise as your marking and measuring tape. I achieved all my cuts within a 1/32" margin. Extraordinary price/quality ratio. Can't ask for more. The anti-skid works flawlessly. You do not have to fix the track to the piece. Lay it down, push the saw, that's it ! The track has a starting entry point which is away from your material so you can lay the saw on the track way before you hit the piece. It helped me to get confident. CONS Takes some patience to properly setup. For those of you who do not want to take your time and has to be working perfectly straight out of the box: there is festool track saw at a 1000$ for you. The attaching base could benefit of an improved method to securely attach the saw. However, once my DeWalt cordlees saw was attached to it, it did not move for the 30 cuts I made for this project. The bottom front of my saw raises. The Kreg plate has a reversible piece to compensate for flat or raising saw skid plate. The angle of my circular saw nose is greater than the piece can compensate for, that is, once titghten down, the saw does not sit flat on the bed of the plate. I wish there would have been an adustment for this. Nonetheless, i did absolutely not affect the accuracy of my cuts. When the plate is engaged on the track pointing away, the plate has a left to right play. I cannot explain why, but I achieved all my cuts without a flaw. I have to say that I was worried with this play at first. I made my cuts with a slight push of the saw to the left (toward the blue sacrificial plastic piece) Bottom line: this product is new, may benefit from a few minor improvements. Would I recommend it ? Absolutely yes. Hope this will help


Nicolas Simard

July 31, 2017

A good shop addition

I already have the Rip-Cut, have always been impressed with the ease of use. I also have a shop-made edge guide for my circular saw that I would use for cross cuts. The Accu-Cut is a good replacement for the edge guide - for a couple reasons. The first reason is that I would often push the saw away from the edge guide when cutting, especially when trying to reach all the way across a 48" sheet of plywood. This is prevented on the Accu-Cut due to the rails that the saw sled rides on. The other reason that the Accu-Cut is superior to an edge guide is that it is easier to clamp down. I often struggled with finding ways to get a good clamp on an edge guide. The grip strips on the Accu-Cut held very well, and if needed to clamp I could use Rockler hold-down clamps that fit in the t-track underneath the Accu-Cut. I felt that $80 was a very fair price for the extra functionality that the Accu-Cut provides. It will be a nice addition the the Rip-Cut and will be a huge help in safely breaking down sheet goods. Perfect tool for a DIYer!


Nik Guttormson

July 31, 2017

Theory Good, Compatibility Main Issue

I had high hopes for this product, but this product is incompatible with my Skil saw and incompatible with the one Kreg recommended (Makita). Notice that the description states that it works with "most" circular saws. My problem arose when I tried to mount the saw to the slider. The two swing arms, mounted with pointed bolts at their end mechanically interfere with Skil's levers and the worm drive. Thus, it is impossible to move the saw laterally across the sled. Furthermore, when I got it finally mounted with the front end of the saw squared with the front of the sled, and followed directions, the saw cut off the entire rubber extension protruding from the sides of the track. Tech support, very helpful indeed, told me not to be concerned since their purpose is only to minimize splintering. On page 3 of the manual, it tells you to cut off 1/32th of the rubber strip, which is impossible to do. So I went through the ordeal of returning the saw to the 3rd party that sells this saw on their web site. It took several messages to point out that the product was "defective and inoperable" (the category selected on advice from Kreg tech support). But I really wanted this product to work, so I cancelled the return and told them I was going to take the sled to the local HD store to ensure I could mount the new saw Ryobi with freedom to move the saw laterally. So I took this saw home and mounted it without any interference from Skil like parts experienced before. HOWEVER, another incompatibility was discovered. While the openings on the slider are about 1.125" (ample room for the spring loaded guard to swing through). This space is decreased by about 0.5" when one mounts the sled on the tracks groves. As such, there is not enough room for the spring loaded guard to swing through! ARRRG! So I'm returning the Kreg unit again. This time I will use an 8' level, clamped at both ends. Using hardwood like purple heart won't work as humidity changes. In case that the third party to Amazon refuses to accept my return, Amazon will cover the expense. My advice to Kreg is to list the names, models, and year of saws that will work for the benefit of their customers. I rate the product, documentation, and product description as 1 star, but I rate their Tech Support as a 5.


Tim Townsend

July 26, 2017

Kreg Does It Again

Kreg now has 2 products for accurate 4' X 8' cutting: 1. The Rip Cut tool to cut along the 8' side 2. KMA2700-Accu-Cut to cut along the 4' side. Nice work!


Timothy Barton

July 26, 2017