Reviews for "Accu-Cut™"


I purchased the ACCU-CUT today, as I am building my own pooltable. Needless to say the cuts are accurate, and precise. Thx Kreg


Kamon Simmons

April 23, 2020

time saver, while increasing my precision

I routinely break down sheets of plywood. I have an old cheap skil saw. In the past, I used a square aluminum bar as a straight-edge, countless measuring, allowing for blade curf and 1 3/8 inch from the guide, clamping and taping where the cut will be so there is no chip out. Now, with Accu-Cut, I measure and make the cut. Really that is it. I am amazed at how fast I can break down my 4X8 sheet. The cuts are accurate and chip free. I do use it with the additional clamps, just to make sure nothing moves.


Francis Baker

March 6, 2020

Accu-Cut Guide

Some time back, I was trying to break down a sheet of plywood. I had tried to do that freehand with my circular and a straight edge just didn't cut it. Pun intended. So, I went to my local Lowe's Home Center and found this Kreg Accu-Cut Guide. I purchased that and commenced to cut down this plywood for my project. Mind you, I'm a novice woodworker and no expert by any means. But when using this and the circular saw tray that is interchangeable from the Rip Cut Guide to this, it made my task so much more easy. I buy a lot of Kreg products and will continue to do so. I trust their products and will stand by them.


Hans Hartung

February 9, 2020


I purchased the 53” accu-cut to use with my Porter Cable saw. The front of the platform begins to leave the end of the track 7” before the 48” cut is completed and as that happens the platform experiences side to side wobble, destroying the straight cut. Technical service explained there was no way to fix that short of buying an extension kit for another $90! No warning exists suggesting some saws don’t work with the accu-cut and a return is not possible I was told. The track need to be 60” long to correct the problem. Be cautious before buying this item.


Larry Mindrup

December 19, 2019

Great product, but some parts need to be replaced

I purchased this device to rip large sheets of plywood. I own several Kreg tools and they are superb. My only fault with this device is the connecting stop screws used to join the two rail sets together. The "Phillips" set screws are substandard. The impression for the screw head are so shallow that even a prince tip will not fit enough to fasten down the two halves. It would have been better if they'd used either an Allen or Torx tip type set screw. With this combination I have now, the two halves will not stay together.


Quentin Sligh

September 1, 2019

Good, but not great

Mostly I'll echo what others have talked about. I love Kreg tools. I have four pocket-hole jigs (mini, R3, K4, and K5), mulit-mark, all of the cabinet/drawer jigs, Rip-Cut, several styles of their clamps, have used a ton of Kreg hardware when making sleds and jigs in my shop, and the list goes on. My buddy even refers to me as the "Kreg poster boy" because I've talked about a dozen friends into the pocket-hole jigs over the years. So I'm familiar with their product and was expecting another home run when I bought the Accu-Cut. For the most part it works "okay", but has two main issues that keep it from being good or great. First, is the relatively cheep phillips drive set screws for joining the tracks. The loosen often and are made of soft material and strip easily. I had to replace mine with some decent allen drive screws from the hardware store. Second, like most others have noticed is the slop between the sled and the track. You can push the sled tight to the track (pick one side or the other) and then it works fairly well, but you need to be very conscious and consistent during every cut or you can have some less than great cuts. To me if that type of cutting is what I intended I could just as easily clamp a straight edge to my material and push against it.


Michael McEwan

August 13, 2019

Does the job

I used to use a piece of 1x3 (various lengths) clamped to plywood for the rip and crosscuts, but the Accu-Cut does it better than the way I used to do it. It is sturdy (stays in place), accurate, and easy to configure for my Milwaukee circular saw.


Alan Borack

June 28, 2019

Too much slop between track and saw.

I’ve tried to use the accu-cut several times. I have been disappointed with the results. While setting up the saw I noticed the track and plate were not a snug fit. This slop allows the saw to cut a quite crooked line. To combat this I would have to hold the saw tight against one side or the other of the track by pushing sideways to follow only one side of the track. However, this would cause the blade to contact the rubber edge or blade to not line up with the edge. This also caused the track to bind and to slip on the material. I’m sure this tool is better than freehanding a long cut. However, it cost way more than it should for the lack of precision.i purchased the track for a project but had to abandon my plans to use it due to poor performance. I therefore had to make all my cuts the old fashioned way. A trim board and two clamps. This worked way better and was pretty much free.


Jason Hall

May 6, 2019

Very accurate

I found this product to be very accurate and it works perfectly with my Makita cordless circular saw. Would love to see more track sold separately.


Alan Reddick

January 29, 2019

Enables Precision Cuts

Purchased Rip Cut first. Liked it. Saw a need and use for the Accu Cut. I am a DIY in the strictest sense of the term. I don't have a shop. I work in my garage. I share it with my wife's car and all the other "stuff" that is in there. I lay my materials out on the floor to cut them. I was ok if there was a little wobble in the cut lines or if the measurements were slightly off every now and then. Just part of the deal, ya know? I set the Accu Cut up as per the directions and it made a straight cut on the mark the first time. I swap my saw, in the sled, between the Rip Cut and the Accu Cut and I make precision cuts every time. The only thing I can comment on that might be construed as negative is the set screws where the track joins tends to loosen when moving the track around. Thought about Loctite but want to be able to take it apart to store in tool cabinet so I just periodically check them for tightness. Accu Cut has definitely made DIY projects easier with better end results for me.


David Bankston

November 26, 2018


II purchased the Accu-cut in November 2017 and have used it a number of times in my workshop. Generally it is a useful addition to the shop, however, I have experienced some disappointing difficulties in its use. Firstly when attaching the base slide unit to my 91/4" Triton circular saw I am unable to use the stop block which is essential to the quick removal and replacement of the saw. The Triton's base plate is about 1/4" too wide to allow the positioning of the stop block. This is not a major issue for me and I am able to switch the saw in and out with a minimum of fuss it just took a bit of thought and effort to get it right the first time. The Major limitation for me is the lack of clamping mechanisms to fix the track to the material to be cut. I have no problems with plywood but the track continues to slip and slide when used on MDF. I have certainly ensured that the black rubber backing on the track and the MDF are clean of all sawdust etc and have even resorted to vacuuming the MDF and the track but to no avail it continues to move of the line . I hope that your design engineers can eventually fix this issue and manufacture something thatn can be retrofitted to the accu-cut slide. I am more than satisfied with the many other Kreg tool, and jigs and will continue to purchase your products as and when required. Regards, Richard Monk


Richard Monk

November 20, 2018

Amazing Solution

This product is just an amazing solution. No longer will I be reaching for the scrap heap, hoping to grab a board I have planed and jointed, then clamping it to what I want to cut. Then measuring the plate to the blade on my circular saw while using my fingers to keep the safety guard up. Clamping again. Hoping I didn't forget that measurement. Now it is as easy as 1,2,3!


Scott Anderson

October 5, 2018

Almost awesome

My only complaint is that the sled rocks on the track. Actually, it's bad enough where I returned my first one but found the second to be the same way. My saw appears to be square on it's base. First I added shims to compensate but ended up instead adding a plastic guide rail (underneath the sled) the height of the track. Essentially, it rides on the cut-away material. Not perfect, but a huge improvement. Don't get me wrong, I love Kreg products overall, so keep 'em coming. Oh, and ditto on a track-only package. Thanks guys!


Ian Wells

September 6, 2018


There is no support for the saw to stay in the rail system. Can’t get a straight cut. All the professionals use Festool rail, Dewalt also has one. Has metal rail system the keeps saw stable for accurate cut.


Tim Montfort

September 6, 2018

Could have got 4 or even 5 Stars, but...

I'm sort of a novice to intermediate woodworker. First, I've got BOTH the Rip-Cut AND the Accu-Cut. The Rip-Cut is older and has a slightly different sled for the saw. While both are very good, I prefer the newer one on the Accu-Cut and have a saw mounted to it permanently. I switch from the Rip to Accu-Cut using the same sled without any adjustment. I really like the Accu-Cut. Does everything I need and want it to do. Only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars (You LISTENING, Kreg?) is not being able to purchase a set of the connecting pieces separately. I would buy another Accu-Cut tomorrow if I had the ability to put them all together and cut a 8' length of plywood. 'Till then..........3 Stars.


Robert Morton

June 17, 2018

Great tool

This is a great tool but needs more track like others have said. I would like to have the clamps include in a package instead of separate for they are needed.


William Gross

May 15, 2018

Great idea but too little and not enough options

Even though there is some play in the sled to the track connections I did get a really nice straight cut with it. The tracks underneath should have a notch cut out in them also so you don't have to remove the plastic starter guide in order to insert or remove the Kreg clamps for storage. Also they REALLY, REALLY NEED A TRACK ONLY KIT. Having to shell out another $80 to do a full 96" cut plus find additional connectors from someplace is absolutely ridiculous. Especially since if you already bought the cross cut tool you already have the sled portion for the saw so you really only need the tracks.


Rodney McManamy

April 8, 2018


I have just finish a studio desk for a friend that required cuts of 118.68,47.82 and 132.18 degrees to create the legs. Cut them out of one sheet of Plywood. I use the Accu-Cut and it performed beyond my expectations. After glue up I kept thinking this is like creating an art piece. I also had the issue of it being to short. solved that issue. I bought a second Accu-Cut and added another section. If in the future you make one that will extend to cover eight feet I would recommend making the sections into two four foot sections. Thanks Kreg for another great Tool.


Thomas Guthrie

March 18, 2018

Out standing tool

This is an out standing tool and when you use the rip cut it add a whole nother level of speed and productivity to a job sit.



February 15, 2018

Works Well, Except Plastic Starter Track is Flimsy; Needs More Track Pieces

This guide works far better than others I have used. But the plastic starter track is way too flimsy, resulting in the saw being too unsupported at the very beginning of the cut. A third track section is needed for a 48" cut. Also I would like to make full 96" cuts. That would require 3 more track sections with attaching hardware. Yet track is unavailable separately, something others have complained about. Please correct this.


Larry Hicok

January 1, 2018

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