Reviews for "Rip-Cut™"

Great help, but plastica pieces will break

I´ve had one for a couple of years, I'm just a woodworking hobbyist, so I've used it 5 or 6 times, the last time the plastic handle broke while I was locking the sled. That was the end of an otherwise good and helpful product.



May 15, 2020

great product

I love this product it is very usefull when trying to cut large peices of ply wood but twards the end of the cut it doesnt like to stay strait and square its realy difficut to keep it strait twards the end of the cut.


matthew Devries

March 16, 2020

My Rip Cut Device

Some time back, maybe w years ago, I purchased this Rip Cut Guide, because I needed a way to quickly cut plywood down to size. I had a small table saw, and that did not allow me to rip down plywood as I needed. With the aid of this Rip Cut Guide, breaking down the plywood became a quick and easy task. I keep my Rip Cut Guide handy whenever I have plywood sheets to cut down to some manageable size. Now I do have a table saw that could let me do that, but using this Rip Cut Guide still makes it fast and easy. So I use it whenever I need to.


Hans Hartung

February 9, 2020

Small improvements needed

Overall this is a great tool for rip cutting straight lines and getting multiple pieces the same size. BUT - Kreg needs to improve the circular saw base plate. The two sharp point holders just aren't enough. The base needs a holder system for the back of the plate/saw. Picking the system up with a wide cut setting the rear of the base plate sags away from the saw and allows the saw to move. You cannot ensure the saw is properly aligned. Maybe create a slide butt lock which would hold the base plate up against the saw. It could be made to be used in either slot, or provide two of them. Modify the blade slot edges to be saw-toothed with matching saw-toothed sides on the insert(s).


Sky Yarbrough

January 22, 2020


Like others have said, good idea, bad workmanship! The plastic just isn't a good fixture for holding a saw and cutting a lot of 4x8x3/4" plywood especially production. If those were made out of aluminum it would be a lot more rigid and last a whole lot longer. (I would even pay the difference for a better made tool!) The reason I know this is because sears made one called Accu-Rip and it works wonderful. Made entirely out of Aluminum and holds the saw well! The only thing I didn't like was the guide needs to be longer. That was the reason I tried this one.


Gary Swaboda

January 22, 2020


One of the best accessories I have ever got I have used this along side my table saw they go hand in hand full board is to hard to cut down in one so I cut in half or in many strips unfortunately I have lost the prospect locater can I buy a new one if so could you help me many thanks


Anthony Maloney

December 4, 2019

Great Idea, Poor Implementation

I bought thus system along with a Bosch Circular a year or so ago. I bought the Bosch saw because it appeared to be the saw being used in the demo. The issues I have are: 1. The left hold down clip interferes with the saw blade tilt adjustment knob and must be rotated 45 degrees to clear. 2. Once the saw is installed it is secured to the guide, making handling of the saw and saw guide assembly difficult. This creates problems when starting your cut and when wanting to change the width of a rip. When starting the cut you must support the saw while aligning the fence. To change the rip width, you need three hands, two to adjust the width and one to support the saw. The system needs the ability to quickly and easily remove the saw without the need of a screw diver.


Jan Mundorff

December 2, 2019

Rip Cuts made easier

Like all of us, making good rip cuts on 8 ft. stock plywood is hard to do without a table saw base and good extensions - all of which take up a lot of room. Who but a cabinet-maker is going to have a panel saw? Anybody interested in this rig is probably cutting stock sitting on a pair of saw-horses. Once you have your saw mounted and aligned on the base (mine is a Porter-Cable with the saw on the LEFT side), it is easy enough take it on-off without worrying too much that you'll be misaligned. In application, it's somewhat tricky and requires a learning curve to glide the guide along the edge while pushing the saw. It's pretty easy to rock the guide and end up with an uneven cut. Others have complained on workmanship and 'plastic' components - but I find them sturdy and you don't have to have everything gorilla tight to ensure the fit. I still prefer my long straight edge spring clamped down (which I got so many years ago I don't know where you'd find one like it now) with a 1/2" offset to the blade. I'm assured of a steady bearing surface while pushing the saw and no rocking. The Kreg guide is a good jig for the price, just don't know how much I'll really use it.


Mike Badley

March 20, 2019

Learning curve

I am a contractor and I build a lot of cabinets for clients. Cutting up the plywood without a panel saw is always a challenge. I was intrigued by this product and decided to give it a try. I used my Milwaukee 18V 6 1/2” saw, fit perfectly and having no cord is always nice. I was cutting my plywood in half at 24”. There is a bit of a learning curve on moving the saw and the guide when it is wide. I had trouble on the last 6” when the aluminum guide came off the material the saw wants to wander causing a roll on your material. I wish that was wider. After several cuts I started to figure out how to hold the guide to the end. It works great for small cuts less then 12”. Definitely, worth the money, helpful in the shop just practice on some old material before taking on the good stuff.


Ken Bensen

January 13, 2019

I wish I'd have read the reviews first...

I have a Skil Legend saw, and this doesn't fit it well. I used it on a couple of my cuts, but found that I could make a better cut by hand. The way it clamps to the saw is "iffy" at best. I love all my other Kreg tools, but this one is relegated to the "ugh" bin. Unfortunately, the Skil is my go-to saw for most of my work, as it has the power and feel that I like for plywood projects. On the flip side, it fits my DeWalt saw nicely, but I use that saw for only the most basic cuts as it's not powerful enough for the big jobs.


Ed Dulaney

December 4, 2018

Skill Saw fitment

I am basically happy with this attachment as it's not my go-to attachment for ripping the sheet goods. I, however, was disappointed that my Skill Saw would not attach to it. You would think with the Skill Saw being a major workhorse in the construction industry this would be a no-brainer. fortunately, I'm not a one saw person.


Lyle Stanley

October 19, 2018

makes cutting plywood easy

I don't have a big table saw that can handle plywood sheets so I've been using other clamp/guides and it was always very hard to get right. This product is so much better! The edge guide stays useful as the front part leaves the wood. The only trouble I have is that the red line on the saw base attachment doesn't line with my blade so I have to measure carefully before I lock the slide on place. The slide can be hard to move. All on all, I love the tool.


Tyler Smith

May 12, 2018

Rip Cut cons

Let me start by saying that YES this is far above and beyond the saw guide that typically comes with any circular saw. That being said, one would have thought that Kreg would have put it through some more design testing for the real world. 1. The plastic edge guide needs to be aluminum and about 6" longer on the tail end and 3" longer on the leading end. More stability. 2. The base plate should also be aluminum for two reasons. a. When tightening the the set screws you can see the give or flex in the plastic plate At the mounting clips. b. The center finger of the base plate is too wide, not allowing for mitre cuts much beyond 22.5deg. 2b.The set screws heads with the Phillips head slot needs to be larger with a full #2P to prevent stripping with long term use of attaching and removal of the saw. 3. A 12" arm should come with the jig or be available. It is not always convenient to clean off 27"s of work surface when using the provided long arm. I have owned this product for about three weeks now. The ability to avoid the use of a table saw for the most part especially cutting sheet goods by myself has been great. As I said at first this is a good product that could have used a little more thought. When I first seen this jig I was expecting it to be $75-$100. Owning it as it is i would pay that for an upgraded version.


Eric Whiting

March 18, 2018


I am really enjoying using this tool. I got it because bringing out the contractors saw for just a few cuts can be a hassle. However, when I first tried to mount it to my Older Porter-Cable saw, it did not fit the saw base well (saw base too thick.) I shimmed under the mounts with thin brass washers, used slightly longer bolts, and it fits nicely now. I’ve made numerous cuts of several varying woods, widths and depths with no problems. Although the breakdown and setups now take very little time, I’m considering permanently mounting this onto one of my other saws. I would definitely recommend this to others.


Martin MacKay

February 7, 2018

Awesome Saw Guide

When I bought this I was a little skeptical but hey...whats 40.00? I received my order and while I found it cheaper from an online vendor I wanted to write a review on this site. I have a Makita 7 1/4" Skill Saw that is about 20 years old, so I went and purchased a 40 tooth blade that was recommended. My intent was to cut everything I needed for the Kreg Router Table Cabinet that I have recently purchased, not received it yet but decided to cut it anyway. After setting the saw and getting the cutting distance marker set I cut the entire project. I measured every piece after it was cut just to make was dead on. I had no splintering from the 3/4 plywood, very straight cuts and extremely accurate. Cons I chalk some of these up to first time use. I does not like to cut really narrow pieces that are small.,,,,you have to ensure the plywood is really secure. Table saw would have been better but I wanted to use the guide for the whole project cut. At the end of your cut you have to be careful and keep the fence snug against the edge or it will wander on the end...but that will happen with any guide. Overall this is a great product, extremely well made. Lastly I will say that I was able to cut 27 1/2 widths with no variation......may could have gotten a little more but one piece on the cabinet was 27 1/2 so that was all I needed.


John ORourke

November 3, 2017


Read and set it up as the directions stated. The measurement was still off so I'd mark the wood line up the blade. I figured every saw is different so it wasn't a big deal and it kept the line straight. The problem comes with all the plastic it's made out of. The plastic lock piece broke after adjusting it about 15 times. It's a major component to the system so it's no longer good.


Jared Agle

October 25, 2017

Rip cut

What an excellent product. I literally wish this product was around when I bought my cheepie table saw. This would have saved me a lot of money. Kreg co. Is the best jig mfg. What an excellent company. They have helped me improve my skills a lot. That's what it's all about !!!!


Kevin Ott

August 17, 2017

Great idea but needs improvement

This thing saves me so much time but I have a few problems with it: the guide fence needs to be longer so that there's no play when you get to the end of the board your cutting. Also it is a real pain to get the sled on the rail. Finally it should be slightly wider for cutting full size sheets of ply in half with saws that have blades that go in the left slot, like my makita. To cut a sheet in half the sled is half off the rail.


Mark Penrose

August 6, 2017

a. harrell

Great time saver, getting a full sheet of plywood on the table saw in my small workshop is a BEAST, especially by myself. this little tool saves time and frustration, and after my wife saw me use it the first few times she understood why I had to spend the money on it and the other Kreg tools I have purchased. the only problem that I have had so far is getting the plastic parts to slide in the track smoothly, but once locked in place they do not move.



July 4, 2017

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