Reviews for "90° Corner Clamp"

Good Tool, after 2 adjustments

The tool works great but I needed to make 2 adjustments to get it there. The first is that it had almost zero clamping pressure. I read somewhere how to fix this and it seemed to work. You need to back out the adjustment screw most of the way, cycle the tool, and then adjust it to the pressure you need. Kreg should do this at the factory so shame on them for delivering these in this condition. The 2nd adjustment was that the boards were noticeably out of square (1 to 2 degrees which amplifies over the cabinet distances of course as 1 deg = .017"/1"). I checked the jaws for flatness and squareness and saw that one jaw was slightly out of flat in the direction that was consistent with what I observed in the clamped boards. I took a file and carefully flattened the offending jaw and now they are quite square and repeatable. The clamp is now very handy to use and accurate. The disappointing thing is that Kreg could have produced the tool this way so it is not up to their normal quality standards and they should fix this before losing the public on a well conceived and useful tool


Patrick Lorenz

July 1, 2019

Thought Clamp was broken but

The clamps did not work from the start, so I contacted Kreg. They responded the same day explaining how to reset the automaxx system on the clamps. They are not working like a charm. I will share the instructions on how to reset the automaxx system, as I could not find them in the FAQs. So you will open the jaws and back out that adjustment screw to the point where it is really loose but not falling out. You should see around 3/8" of threads between the bottom of the head of the screw to where it screws into the mechanism. Then you will close the jaws then open them back up. After that, you can bring that adjustment screw back to the positive around halfway down and try to clamp it down. That adjustment is not an exact adjustment, you may have to tighten it more or loosen it more to get the correct pressure you want to apply. When you are using the clamp, you will want to make sure you are opening the clamp fully when you are moving the clamp. This will allow the Automaxx system to reset to zero each time. You should only need to adjust the adjustment screw if you need to add or take out pressure from the clamp as the clamp will adjust to different thicknesses on its own.


Scott Lenninger

February 20, 2019

Adjustment Screw

Looked like a great tool, unfortunately could not get the adjustment screw to work and lost time on a project because I had to take it back to store to get my money back. Fix the adjustment screw and this will be a really great tool.


James O'Sullivan

October 25, 2018


Wow,Wow, Wow.. I could NEVER get square butt joints... Now - so simple. Gary , If I may , a " little " drop of oil on the adjusting knob , and wha-la ... You do not have to adjust the pressure often at ALL.. thank you Kreg . Another GREAT JIG..


Michael Kesler

June 17, 2018

Great Product

I also found the adjustment knob a little hard to use, could be a little bigger, but overall everything else about this clamp makes that almost a non issue. I've used this clamp on two projects already and in both instances it worked great and setup time was considerably faster than other methods I've used in the past. IMO, Kreg has a real winner in this clamp.


Dave Sweeney

June 11, 2018

Very useful tool!

I really appreciate those notches cut into the clamp so I have access to screws without removing the clamp. Also excellent quality product, Kreg you did it again!


Andrea Arzensek

May 23, 2018

Adjustment knob

Haven't used yet but while checking out the tool I found it very difficult to turn the adjustment knob.


Larry Gregan

May 13, 2018