Reviews for "Right Angle Clamp"

Works exactly as it should

Does what it's supposed to do, very well. When will Kreg make a version that works with the Micro Jig??? That's a pretty big omission, Kreg! The pin on this one only fits the regular sized pocket holes. It's too big to use with the holes made by the Micro jig (which are 25% smaller).


Michael Goran

March 6, 2017

KHCRA Right Angle Clamp.

I bought two of these clamps through Amazon quite recently. They are all right, I suppose, but the quality is not KREG. I expected them to be stamped "Made in USA" not "Made in China"



August 22, 2016

Made for Pocket Holes

I first used it to make a workbench. Then I used it for a park bench. My third project was a picnic table. The Right Angle Clamp worked great on each one. It is designed specifically to insert into a pocket hole and keep the piece of wood in place while you attach it by utilizing the other pocket hole with the appropriate screw. Great idea. Very helpful. It makes your projects that much easier and quicker to complete. Worth every penny spent on it.


kerry iannazzo

June 11, 2016