DVD: Router Table Tips & Tricks with Mark Eaton

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In this incredibly educational 25-chapter DVD, Mark Eaton shares his best routing tips and tricks.



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Mark Eaton has an impressive history working as an educator in the woodworking community. Now, Mark shares his routing expertise with the rest of us through an incredibly educational 25-chapter DVD.

In this DVD, Mark shares some of his best tips and tricks:

  • Router safety and best practices
  • Router table setup
  • Basic techniques and bits
  • Advanced routing techniques

Reviews for "DVD: Router Table Tips & Tricks with Mark Eaton"

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DVD Review

I recently acquired this DVD and eagerly looked forward to it having seen a Router Tips video by Mark on YouTube. The video itself is great but the audio is just horrible! Kreg I expect more form you.


By Jeffrey Figiel

March 6, 2016