Reviews for "Precision Router Table System"

big shout out to Kreg

My router table is almost 10 years old, used almost every day,and works like a champ, no problems at all. I use a Porter cable router in a JessEm lift, it is still as accurate and stable and flat as the day I bought it. Due to my ignorance I needed a part that was no longer available, but the guys at Kreg found one and shipped it to me within a couple of days...WAY TO GO next router table will be a Kreg


David Ehman

October 14, 2016

Top of the line, but scrap the plate.

I made a project out of the installation. I tend to make 30 minute projects into three hours. Adding a LIFT to this assembly is really important, but not the KREG lift. I used the JessEm at a savings of $160! Mounted the table TOP into my 5 x 9 workbench and used the levelers that came with the table top to install the JessEm lift. Can't understand how I ever routed materials without this setup for the last 25 years. Controlling the router for micro adjustments from the top and getting exact measurements instantly is the cat's meow! Also covered my workbench with laminate flooring, the snap together kind, so table and both feed sides are slick like glass. 2 bad there are not 6 stars on the rating! BTW, the tech folks at KREG are as good as the dudes at Penn State, and together, they set the standard.


David Robertson

March 25, 2016

5 Starts and a few nit picking points

For what its worth to me a 5 star rating is justified- and here is the BUT- Being a retired manufacturing engineer after 30 years in aircraft and lasers- I am a novice woodworker at best so it will do wonders for me. While assembling I noticed a lot of little things that IMO- would add to longevity and customer satisfaction pertaining to a company going just a little further in several areas. Hardware retention to the table top, the leveling mechanism for the router mount- whether an adjustable as I purchased, or a stationary that comes with the kit; is I suppose good enough but the loctite was actually put on the wrong end of the allen screws as they barely get a thread or 2 into the plastic mount- with inserts etc.. The fence hex head screws seemed like an after thought- but they work the screws used for the miter track mount are the last type of screw I would ever expect to see from Kreg- these are horrible as they bubble the underside of the table- just as they are horrible on computer fan installation. The full size stand is a tank!! For the price I expect a little more attention to detail so with this kit and a lift, new router, bits, featherboards etc... darn near a 1000 bucks- this baby better last despite my nit picking- and yes everything was installed with hand tools..


C Padavich

March 12, 2016

Great System

I do not have this router table, however, I plan to purchase one in the near future. I have seen it use and I am very impressed with the features. I would like to address the previous reviewer's comments that a router should be included with the the table for the $500 asking price. That is just ridiculous. A quality router costs around $330. There is no way Kreg Tool can make a quality router table & sell it for $170. Let's face reality. I have several other Kreg tools, jigs, & a Kreg work bench. I am very satisfied. I would not hesitate to purchase another Kreg product.


Eric Stauffer

June 2, 2015

Solid top and stand, but some things overlooked

Let me just preface everything by saying that once I got the table up and running, it worked great, and I was able to do things like feed through 10 foot lengths of 1x5 oak to custom mill my own crown moulding, without worrying about stability or performance. I like the fence system -- though be careful about the amount of pressure you place on the featherboards, as the fence can tip back ever so slightly out of 90 degrees if you make them too tight on the workpiece. But there are some weak links in the package that hopefully will be addressed in future upgrades: 1. The phenolic plate: they say it doesn't sag, but outfitted with my Triton 3.25 HP router, there was sagging on all four of the sides, causing the workpiece to catch. I was able to remedy this by fabricating additional plate levelers to place at the midway point between the corners. But maybe in the future Kreg can look into making an aluminum plate option? 2. OEM Insert plate levelers: while screwing in the plate to the levelers (very carefully, with a screwdriver), two of them had their brass screw casings literally pop out as I was tightening them. This was not a case of over-tightening, as I had been warned in advance to be careful during the attachment procedure. For $500, it seems like Kreg could spend a bit more on the hardware that ties the system together. A Router table is a piece of machinery that's only as good as its weakest link. 3. Reducing rings: a concave depression is created in the red reducing rings as you tighten them. This isn't a big deal if they are wide-mouthed, or if you're running a fairly long piece. But for the ones for small router bits, or if the workpiece itself is small, this depression can create some chatter in the cut. Again, this is a case where it seems like they took a shortcut on what should otherwise be a decent set-up. Let me say in closing that when I brought some of these issues to Kreg's attention, they were very responsive and apologetic, immediately replacing the insert plate levelers. They also sent a new insert plate, but I found that the same sagging occurred -- which, in any case, I rectified with the additional levelers.


Edward Reno

April 23, 2015

Total cost of this product

After viewing your video of the new router table, which by the way was done very nice. The surprise was...for $499.00 it did not include a router....Maybe I am a little bit of a penny pincher...but for almost 500.00 there would be a router in the package.


Robert Pagano

April 7, 2015