Reviews for "Precision Benchtop Router Table"

Great table for router work

I love the table and it stays in place. I modified by adding ⅛ inch masonite to the back and 2 sides and vacuum hose hole in the back plate. This contains the dust - especially with hardwoods.


Tom Redd

November 26, 2019

small shop big time tool

My shop has limited space. This tool gives me the ability to shape wood without taking up a lot of room. Assembly was easy. Only problem was the guide track. The screw heads stuck up to high. Easy solution was to countersink the holes a little deeper. Problem solved. I plug my router into a switched power strip,saved a few bucks. Really like Kreg products.


Ron Kvamme

December 30, 2018


I would like to see this amazing product with a adjustable plate added for the convience of router level adjustment


Donald Welling

September 20, 2018

Nice Sturdy Product

I am fairly new to woodworking at 60 years old. Doing it to keep my mind and hands sharp. I purchased this table after a search and review of all available. This one is more expensive but well worth it. It went together easily following the instructions. I mounted my Milwaukee 5616-24 router with ease. I uses 3 new Stainless machine screws instead of pan head that came with the router. The router sits with the controls in front and easily adjustable from underneath or using the lift wrench from above. Watch the Kreg video on youtube before mounting your router. I purchased this as a package deal with Table, 2 feather boards, switch, center disc set and gauge set at a reasonable price. I have the Kreg pocket hole K4 jig, clamps and cutting jig. Greg products do not disappoint. Quality products worth the price. Should last a long time.


John Sharpe

June 23, 2018

Made a decision!

I have yet to actually purchase this item and my chosen accessories. I have given quite a bit if thought as to what router to purchase, I really would like a full size router table with the bells and whistles. But due to limited space and saving myself a little bit of funds to utilize for other trade and craft tools I feel we need to be sustainable in our Journey. I have decided to go with the KREG Precision Fence and modify it to fit and function with this bench top model. I am utilizing a JessEm Rout-R-Lift II. I wish I could upgrade this to accommodate the Combo track, a couple sets of Feather boards, precision KREG flip stop, precision set up bars, and a couple other goodies. I feel I will have a decent first router table unit to start out with. I do have one serious Question, What is the actual footprint measurements of the four table legs?


Todd J. Michalec

April 30, 2018


I recently purchased this router table. All of the pilot holes were out of alignment on underside of the table. I could not align the legs with the two pilot holes in the table because the two holes were too close together. The pilot holes for the side rails were about an 1/8 of an inch beyond the holes in the rails.



February 13, 2018

Beginner's Router Table

First off, the knobs that one tightens for the fence interferes with the "swing" knobs that tighten the fence to the table. I consider the fence to be a kludge. Second major problem is the maximum distance from the cuter to the fence. (about 2-3"). I wanted to create datos ~ 6" with a 1/2" bit. No way, because the fence must back up beyond the holes used to support the fence. The alternative is to build a custom slide that eliminates the use of the fence and the features I wanted to use like planner routing. If there a solution I would like to hear from Kreg for what they might suggest. My only solution is to pitch the fence and use a custom made sled. I attempted to use the precision miter and it simply wouldn't work for some reason. I have a lot of Kreg products and this one would only fit those doing tiny work.


Tim Townsend

August 27, 2017

Love it

First I have to say that I have several KREG clamps as well as the pocket hole kit. This table is well built, precision designed and easy to use.



December 10, 2016


A wonderful product EXCEPT for the fact that if you don't have a router lifter it is a real hassel to have to unscrew the mounting plate each time you want to adjust your depth of cut or change bits.


Phillip Woodard

December 31, 2014

So Far Good Table

I needed a router table on a tight budget and undecided between this table and the Jessum Benchtop table. The Jessum was $30 more but included a dust jacket and a remote switch. When I purchase a remote switch, I'll have about the same invested. I settled on this table and had it assembled in about two hours completely including drilling for and mounting my router. An old Black & Decker fixed base router. All parts included also Allen wrench and square head bit. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Once together everything operates smoothly, would like it if this table had the same T-fence as the full size table. Haven't shaped any stock with it yet, but with router on it ran quite. I gave it five stars because it is a quality table for the money, but like another review from a big box store the screws that hold down the miter track do not go below the surface of the track and the miter catches on the screw heads. I tried to tighten them down but the aluminum just wont give and I don't want to warp the track. Guess I will have to carefully grind down the screw heads. So far I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this table to anyone looking to purchase a bench top router table.


mike valichka

July 22, 2014

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