Pocket-Hole Machinery

Pocket-Hole Machinery

Fast, quiet, and built to run in rugged production environments, Kreg offers pocket-hole machines that can drill 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pocket holes in just one machine cycle!

The Kreg Difference

Kreg Pocket-Hole Machines offer the speed, reliability, and features you need when you’re ready for Kreg Joinery™ on a production scale. Whether you’re an independent contractor or you have a large cabinet shop, you’ll find a machine that’s sized, equipped, and priced to fit your needs—from portable electric single-hole units to pneumatic multiple-spindle machines.

When it comes to production pocket  holes, we’ve got you covered. We offer the widest selection of industrial pocket hole machines on the market. Semi-automatic, fully-automatic, single-spindle or multi-spindle, choose an option that fits your production schedule and budget. A demonstration DVD is available upon request.


Cycle times of 2 seconds or less… and we have machines that drill up to 5 holes per cycle! Fast, efficient and built for high-speed production.



Unlike other drilling machines, Kreg machines use a hardened steel drill guide that supports the drill bit all the way into the workpiece, prolonging drill bit life and improving the cut quality of each pocket hole. 



No need to bring your earplugs… Kreg machines (electric and pneumatic) are the quietest on the market. Now that’s something everyone in the shop can appreciate.



All Kreg Pocket-Hole Machines are TRUE production machines featuring high-quality industrial motors that are built to run all day, every day, in high volume production environments. Our unique design minimizes the stress on moving parts and eliminates failure-prone parts.


Kreg machines feature unique Swing Stops that allow your stock to be positioned in a repeatable fashion and pocket holes to be easily duplicated in the same location across cabinet rails. A Swing Stop can be quickly moved out of the way – and bypassed completely – by simply pushing your stock into its face. 


Don’t let bit changes slow you down! All of our machines feature a simple and straightforward design which lets you switch bits in 60 seconds or less. After all, time IS money.



Whether you’re working with 1/2" material or 2x4s, we’ve got the machine to handle it. All Kreg Pocket-Hole Machines are easy to adjust for specific stock in just a few seconds.  

Kreg Pocket Hole vs. Routed Slot

The Kreg Pocket Hole is almost a full inch shorter than a routed slot, making it easier to conceal.

The Kreg Pocket Hole features a flat shoulder that seats the screw properly for a strong, long-lasting hold.

The Kreg Pocket Hole features a 15° angle that makes it easier to drive or remove a screw (if you have to).

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