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A Compact, Convenient Case for Kreg Screws and More

  • Molded recesses hold up to 14 new Kreg Screw containers
  • Transparent lids makes it easy to see what’s stored inside
  • Also holds Kreg Hardware Containers (Small and Large)
  • Coordinates with the System Organizer to create a stackable organizing system 



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The Kreg Screw Organizer offers a great way to store Kreg Screws in a compact, easy-to-carry, easy-to-store package. The Screw Organizer is also a perfect companion to the Kreg System Organizer, making it easy to create a coordinated, stackable organizing system for Kreg Screws and an entire Kreg Joinery System.

The Screw Organizer holds up to 14 new Kreg Screw containers. Tabs on the containers nest into recesses in the Screw Organizer, so they stay put when the Screw Organizer is standing upright or being carried.

A transparent lid makes it easy to see what’s stored inside, and the Screw Organizer even allows new Kreg Screw containers to be stored with the lids off — without spilling the screws — when the Organizer is closed and carried. 


Molded Recesses

Hold Kreg Screw containers – 30, 50, 100, 125, and shallow 250-count 


18" wide x 151/4" tall x 21/2" deep
457mm x 387mm x 64mm


Transparent with two heavy-duty clasps


Up to 14 new Kreg Screw containers 
Also holds Kreg Hardware Containers (Small and Large)


Proposition 65

Reviews for "Screw Organizer"

Average Review:

Tray Good, Horrible Sticker!

I just picked one of these up this morning. It's well made and does a good job of storing boxes of screws. If you want to store loose screws, this is not the right solution. So why the bad review? The sticker on top was almost impossible to remove. There's no peeling this off in one piece, it just shreds. Plus there's a layer of clear plastic in the sticker itself. Despite soaking this down several times with a name brand glue remover and using paper towels, the top still got cloudy from all the rubbing it took to remove the label. I paid top dollar for a storage solution that was ruined from this. I would love Kreg to send me a new one sans the sticker on top.


By Bob Steele

December 1, 2018

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