Quick-Change Pocket-Hole Kit

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  • Compatible with all manual Kreg Jigs®
  • 3/8" (9mm) hex shank stepped drill bit snaps directly into quick-change chuck
  • Eliminates the need for a bit adapter
  • Industrial design eliminates slippage and optimizes drilling power
  • Includes 6" (152mm) #2 driver - the most versatile length for Kreg Joinery
  • Includes Allen wrench and depth collar



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The Quick-Change Pocket-Hole Kit provides everything you need to switch from drilling pocket holes to driving pocket screws in just seconds. Compatible with all manual Kreg Jigs®.



6" (152mm) #2, the most versatile for Kreg Joinery

Compatible With

All manual Kreg Jigs®


Quick-Change chuck, 6" (152mm) #2 square driver, 3/8" (9mm) Hex shank pocket hole drill bit, Allen wrench, and depth collar.


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Reviews for "Quick-Change Pocket-Hole Kit"

Average Review:

Missing Parts Right Out of Package

Great idea and tool for quick changes. However, mine is missing the set-screw for the depth stop collar right out of the packaging. My fault for not inspecting it before I opened it (it sits inside a carded package and was easy enough to see). This seems like Kreg Tool's packaging/quality assurance issue. I'm going to write to Keg Tool to see if they have a set-screw or entire collar; otherwise a visit to Ace Hardware may be in order to see if they carry the correct size allen screw (unknown size at this time). Since I just received it, I have yet to experience the bearing issue in the chuck, as Mr. Boehm mentioned in his 30Aug17 review. I'll keep it greased, as a precaution against that potential problem.


By Sean Duncan

January 7, 2018

Great Idea, Works Well... For a While

I own a number of Kreg tools and jigs and have been very satisfied with all of them. This item was no exception, offering easy, quick change between drill and driver bits. The only issue I have is that somehow, the steel balls that engage the detent in the bit and driver came out of their sockets and have wedged themselves between the shaft and the blue slide used to remove/lock bits. The slide is frozen in the rearward position. you can still use it if you don't mind the bit falling out. I have tried 9 ways to Sunday to figure out how to get the bearings back in battery, but so far, no luck. I doubt that rapping it with a hammer will result in anything good, so I will have to relegate this to the junk pile. It may be easier for me to just buy a 2nd cordless drill at Harbor Freight and forget about the Quik-Kit. I am almost certain that I got a one off, factory dud, as Kreg products have so far been of high quality.


By Charles Boehm

August 30, 2017

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