Reviews for "Kreg Jig® HD"

Toss your biscuit joiner!

Well, maybe you won't toss the joiner, but you'll use it a lot less. I love this little jig. A lot of thought went into the design to be able to use this in all the ways it was designed for. I don't use the Kreg clamps, so the rubber feet on my pistol grip clamps don't really fit the round recess well - but just an EXCELLENT tool. So easy - even a Cave Man can do it.


Mike Badley

March 20, 2019

Great product

I purchased this heavy duty set to build a screen room on my property. I used 2x4 and 2x6 cedar and used the Kreg HD screws on every joint. The frame is really solid, the screws do a great job of drawing the joint together tightly and holding it together. I am very impressed with this product and I look forward to building more projects using this system. It is easy to use and gives a very solid joint without having to use glue.


Brian Kingsnorth

October 22, 2018

kreg jig hd

l have a few of your products!! l am impressed with this product!! l do have two issues: 1) after drilling a 4 holes, it gets very hot to the touch. drilling into 2x4 and 2x6. 2) building deck railing , connecting 2x4 perpendicular to 2x6 top plate. their are stress cracks in the top plate, using you recommended 2 1/2 dreck screws!! using pressure treated wood!! prior to screwing wood together there no stress crack's my drill is set to 13 torque not to over tight screw.


jose soto

August 5, 2017


I bought this to try some new projects. This is the perfect product for all 2X material. The HD screws are amazing and it is very easy to set up as a stand alone or in a K5 or K5 system. My only recommendation to Kreg is offer the HD screws in larger quantities. 125 screws is not enough. Seriously, there needs to be a 500 and 1000ct box!!!!!! I intend on using this to redo my deck rails and on a few fencing projects. OUTSTANDING!!!


Duane Dickinson

September 14, 2016

Kreg Jig HD saved the day!

I was in the middle of a framing job, installing wall studs when my nailing gun broke,,, i grabbed my Kreg JigĀ® HD and a little construction cement and finished the job with great results. I may not have my nail gun repaired. Yes I will! it's under warranty! But you get the jist... Kudos Kreg...


David Wheeler

October 1, 2015


been useing the other kreg jigs when i started doing heavy outdoor furniture I got this one for heavy duty holding power for out side. love it


steve truesdell

January 3, 2015

Welding wood

I have been using this system now for over a year. I have drilled over a thousand holes making furniture, work benches, strengthening kitchen cabinets and shoring up weak joints throughout my house and work shed. These washer head type screws not only lock the joints together but lock it like a weld on steel. These joints are just rock solid. Try this Kreg jig and work with it you will become quite proficient at woodworking and enjoy making wood piles into furniture.


George Bowman

December 17, 2014

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