Reviews for "Kreg Jig® K5"

Love the K5 and Kreg customer service

Just emailed Kreg from the UK thinking I may not get a reply being from another country or possibly told to contact Kreg in the UK (I was unsure where). I was completely wrong... Excellent response and customer service and a very happy customer, thanks to Andy! Love all my Kreg tools for the quality and ease of use and the customer service is just as impressive. Thank you very much for all your help in replacing my Kreg K5 base that I accidentally damaged. I'll be more careful next time!


Scott Fitzgerald

February 20, 2020

The Kreg tool

I always wanted to learn woodworking but throught it would be hard. The kreg is amazing tool and gets the highest score from me. Thank you for inventing the Kreg tool.


Gena Hotton

September 5, 2019

Best tool in the shop

I have had a few versions of this jig, but keep upgrading as my kids move out and take my tools with them. I do own a festool domino but keep reaching for this jig most of the time. This is a very versatile tool that you will use over and over again.


Matt Fletcher

July 14, 2019

Wow - Really like the K5 Jig

For years I resisted the pocket hole system and stuck with traditional joinery for cabinets I was designing and building. I saw so much feedback I decided to try the K4 system. I was impressed and used it frequently. I liked the system so much I bought the Kreg Miter guage as well. When I saw the K5 released I wondered if it was worth it, since I had the K4 and it had zero issues. I decided to go ahead and buy the K5, and am I happy I did! The clamp system is simple to use and set up. Having clamp access in front of me it is very handy - no reaching around to set the clamp. The supporting wings with the dovetail attachment to secure them, plus storage, are very nice. I am really happy with this jig.



December 19, 2018

Great Tool but Drill Bit Broke

I've upgraded each time a new Kreg Pocket Hole Jig has come out and have had zero problems with them until I purchased the K5. The tip of the drill broke-off on LITERALLY the first hole I drilled with the brand new K5. Fortunately, I have several other bits from the other jigs, so I was able to continue working.


Michael Friederick Jr.

September 28, 2016

Incredible tool

I can't believe I ignored Kreg jigs for so many years. I thought they were gimmicky. I finally realized how many of the guys I follow on YouTube were using them to great success, and one video in particular convinced me of the speed of making cabinets with these things so I ordered the K5. The first project I needed to do was a rigid bed slat type thing for our new IKEA bed because I couldn't believe IKEA wanted $80 for one. I made it with this tool and less than $20 in 1x4 lumber. It was done in barely over an hour including cutting everything to length, chamfering the edges with a finger plane, drilling the pocket holes, and assembling with a face clamp. I am remodeling my garage into a proper workshop with custom cabinets instead of the repurposed ones I've been using. This thing already paid for half of its cost on the first project, and the rest will be paid for in the first cabinet I build. After that it will just continue to buy me extra time and productivity. I just wish I had bought it sooner. It sickens me to think about the amount of time I could have saved on countless projects over the last few years if I'd already owned one of these, or any previous generation. My only two nit-picks are that the quick release button to adjust the thickness of the material is stiff and awkward (and it would be great if there were a few indexed marks to quickly set for different material thicknesses without doing the trial-and-error method, but this is still FAR faster than the previous method with a screw and jamb nut), and I really don't care for the little stepped drill depth stop template thing. Very poor design. The template that was molded into the K4 is CLEARLY a superior system because there are no pieces to lose and no need to fumble with multiple pieces to use it. Even if this extra 2 cents worth of injection molded plastic were deemed worthwhile to some designer or marketer, there is no excuse for actually removing the old design from the new clamp. It could have been molded into this just as well as it was on the K4. For that stupid decision I am docking a full star. I'm tempted to dock more because it really is that stupid, but the rest of the functionality of the thing is easily worth 5 stars. Even with that flaw it's still worth it because of the drill-side clamp lever. That makes it immensely easier and faster to use than the old reach-around. While we're at it, I wish it didn't cost so damn much for the micro and HD templates. This is a substantial investment considering what actually shipped (not to be confused with the actual value of having it), and the additional pennies worth of plastic and dimes worth of steel could have been included at $10 more to make this a complete system. Oh well. That's capitalism and I ordered them anyway for an extra $100 to be able to use all sizes. I'm irritated at the price for those accessories, but delighted with the overall functionality.


Jon Miller

February 17, 2015

Size Markings are not included

The Jig is great overall but one thing that is shown in the videos is that the depth markings are highlighted with white to make them easy to see. I have looked at several of the jigs in the stores and have yet to find one with the markings in white , just the engraved into the blue which is hard to read . If you are going to show the white markings in the videos then you should use the on the actual product.


Richard Rodgers

February 2, 2015

Got my K5 yesterday...

I haven't even set it up yet I already know it's going to be a great tool just like all the other Kreg tools I own. I have the K3, and purchased the heavy duty jig this summer, both are great! Now I just need to decide what to build!


David Wunsch

January 9, 2015

Last one I wil buy

I am addicted to pocket hole jigs. I have 4 including the K5. That's it -- no more. I can't imagine what else would be required of a pocket hole jig. Pretty doggone neat tool. Thank you Kreg.


Bob Gregory

August 22, 2014


does this great jig comes also in metric or only imperial?


vlad jo

August 7, 2014

Best jig ever

I got my k5 as a Christmas gift. It's the most used jig in my shop. Easy to use, strong joints, What more could a guy want?


Hank Pohl

June 30, 2014

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