Reviews for "Kreg Jig® K4 Master System"

Good System

I really like the K4 Master System but I wish it had a case to it. I see that other systems have cases so it would have been great to have a case for this.


Brian Barahura

April 29, 2020

Wonderful Product

I made a small table using the K4 Master System using the Kreg jig. It made the process simple and straightforward. I wanted to post a picture of the table but I find no room to post a photo.


Richard Anderson

May 23, 2019

David Phillips

how awesome is this tool, I just saved three days of production time, biscuit cutting, gluing, clamping and sanding time. building frame work for a dresser. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO KREG TOOL, for helping me with a small problem I had. Thank you GREAT TOOL


David Phillips

May 10, 2018

We fell in love with this tool!

We are amazed at how this revolutionized Doing, Building and Making things. We highly recommend the Kreg Jig K4. For any DIYer of any skill level, it is a very useful addition to your shop. This thing will allow you to get jiggy with a whole new level of projects, repairs, and improvements.


Kim and Garret Make It

April 11, 2018

Well worth its weight in Gold

I bought the Kerg K4 to build a dinning room table. And when I finished the table I was amazed of how much time I saved with the pocker holes vs using biscuits. Not waiting for the glue to dry and tons of clamps. I was so impressed I purchased different Kreg tools for my shop. I have built kitchen cabinets all the way to hand crafted furniture. I wish had bought the kreg jig years ago! What makes the Pocket Hole Jig Awesome is how it's so easy for my kids to use it. Have made some bonding time with my kids and share my passion for woodworking with them. To see there smiles, makes my day.


Louis Shackelford

February 2, 2017


Upgraded to this bad boy from the mini and I could not be happier. This jig makes everything a whole lot faster and easier. I should have bought this right from the beginning.


Ray Peredo

November 29, 2016

First Day with the K4 Master System

Outstanding. I had already started a cabinet job. but today on the way to the worksite, I sprung for this set. it paid for itself today. literally. It makes internal Joinery so simple. I had at first thought the lack of onboard storage for the allen wrench was an issue. but once I got home and viewed the CD that was supplied. I realized this was even taken into account. An outstanding jig. Love it so much.


Steven Mildward

July 3, 2015

Life is simple with Kregs

I just could not wait to receive my K4 Master system, I must say every handyman or every home should have one, good quality product, I live in New Zealand and I am proud to be a holder of the the Kregs System and I would love to see more exciting products in future


Pramod Tailor

May 11, 2015

Pleasantly surprised

I had some skepticism with the pocket hole joinery. A woodworking friend had just purchased the K4 Master System and offered to loan me his K3 for a fairly major project. I purchased the Kreg K4 Master system with the assumption that if it wasn't going to meet my needs, I'd just take it back. I joined an 18"x4"x3/4" piece of scrap plywood to a 3/4x3/4 rabbeted 2x6 about 6" long with 2 pocket holes and two #8 1-1/4" Kreg coarse thread screws. I used the joined pieces for a mallet and generally tried to make the joint fail. It didn't. I'm sold. My workbench project is proceeding nicely and is extremely solid. I'd recommend the Kreg system to anyone. It's easy to use and makes great tight joints. I only wish I had waited for the K5 to make it easier to clamp larger workpieces when drilling the pocket holes.


Tim Grace

February 8, 2015

great tool

purchased this just over a year ago for a RV repair project. Have since made several projects with the latest be a pair of folding chair carts. I have just finished my second 250 count box of 2.5 inch screws, I do 2x4 projects. when I purchased the kit the long driver bit was bent. called KREG and they attempted to send me a new one, lol I got a empty envelope. so I called again and this time they sent me a new driver. After over 500 screws my drill bit does not cut as fast in the hard woods { yes I have used over 500 screws cause I purchased the KREG screw kit when I purchased the kit. I would recommend this kit to anyone no matter there level of experience, is very easy to use and makes strong joints. looking forward to attempting to make some new kitchen cabinets in the near future again great item easy to use and found it very easy to order screws online over trying to get lucky and find them in the stores.


Edward Wyatt

February 1, 2015

Best Gift

I got the K4 Master System for Christmas and have played around with it. Easy to use, does a great job. Making my own "to do" list to use this with. It's fun, it's great!! Looking at other Kreg items now.


Duane Scott

December 29, 2014

WOW, the easiest strongest joints "Sailboat" Shutters on the beach....

I purchased my Kreg Master System at our local Lowe's store about a year ago to make some cabinet doors and I absolutely think it's the best tool buy I've ever made! I've recently made 5 sets of shutters for our beach cottage and the Kreg tools in the Master System made it a simple straightforward project. I tried making one shutter by using the battens to hold the boards together but when it fell face down as I was taking a photo of the sailboat cutout it fell apart. I got out my Kreg jig and joined the 1"x 4"'s with pocket holes and 1" screws, (the cedar boards are thinner than standard 1" x 4" lumber), then added the battens for appearance sake. I'd venture to say even the next hurricane won't be able to take them apart!! The face clamps made cutting out the design safe and easy, the pocket holes were simple to drill and joining the boards was a fairly easy process using the face clamps with stops on the work bench. They turned out great and I've received lots of compliments on them, some from strangers walking by our cottage. (They're painted dark navy blue with a sailboat cutout in the center of each shutter. The siding is light beige so shows off the sailboat shape very well.) Btw, I'm a 66 yr. old woman and had no problems making these with my Kreg jig system and simple tools, it was a fun build and I'm already thinking about my next project!


Trudy Wright

July 22, 2014

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