Reviews for "Kreg Jig® K4"

Awesome Jig

This is an awesome jig. It makes the joining of boards almost effortless. There is only one regret I have. I wish I would have bought the K5 for $129.99. That kit comes with many other little features that is well worth the $30.00. The dust collection port for one is phenomenal. I have to now buy it separate and they don't have it in stock. The extensions for the support are very handy. Sure I can use a 2x4, but sometimes you don't have a spare 2x4 and I don't want to keep 2 pieces of 2x4 laying around for the purpose. It also comes with a stop block and screw. This silly little screw assist you in making the same pocket holes repeatedly. It is really good for keeping pocket holes away from corners so you can safely route a design later without having your router bit hit a screw (not a pleasant experience). Again the K5 beats the K4 and it is worth the $30.00. Other than, if you are on a budget and figure you can get these attachments at a later time then the K4 works great. Fully recommend it. - 4/6/2020



April 6, 2020


Right out of the box first time using it got everything set, adjusted the toggle clamp pad and lock nut drilled some holes. Like wow this is amazing then I went to use a different thickness of material and went to adjust the toggle clamp pack and came to find it stripped it out. The bolt will not thread into the toggle clamp, paying 100$ at a big box store I’m none to impressed that it failed the second time using. This is what you get for using hardened steel for the toggle clamp and it’s female threads but then using a subpar softer metal for the pad/adjustment bolt.


Grant Cicero

March 20, 2020

Using my Kreg pocket hole jig

I've been using my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to build many things. The biggest project that I used it on is my workbench. It's put together using the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. I also built a assembly table using my Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. The new Kreg Pocket Hole Jig K5 came out too late for my builds. However, I have nothing bad to say about Kreg tools. I'm hoping to be able to afford a Kreg router table some day. To this day I still use my K-4 Pocket Hole Jig and just yesterday my neighbor and I built a small play table for our neighbor's kids. I used this pocket hole jig to cut the pocket holes for the stretchers of the table and will use it again when we get ready to cut the pocket holes for the table top. This tool makes woodworking so much more fun.


Hans Hartung

February 9, 2020

I am excited

I have been wanting this since I saw the infomercial. I went to a store that sells surplus, and I got it for $40.00. The box says $100.00 'missing parts ", but it is complete! I am hoping to be able to build some wheelchair ramps and a shelf. I am disabled and building the ramps for myself. I am looking forward to the challenge!


Joe Vinson

December 24, 2019

K4 is awesome!

I had the small $20.00 Kreg jig. And thought oh wow! This is cool. Then my husband got me the K4 for my birthday a xouple of weeks ago. I don't know how i ever made anything without this awesome tool. I can't give it enough stars. Soo too the moon we go.


Anita Brandon

December 25, 2018

Gotta Have It!

I didn't really know I could produce an easy, quality joint until I bought the K4 Kreg tool. The next thing you know, I could solve the world's problems with a pocket hole. Cabinets, shelving, benches, I was building things for family and friends at a frenzied pace. When my sons asked about me making them workbenches for their garage, I decided to let them build their own. I bought them both the K4 and now they are cranking out their own pocket hole products. This is a fantastic tool. The only thing I wish was that the ram was set back just a bit further to accommodate a 4x4 piece of lumber. I sometimes want to join 4x4's to a cleat and find that drilling a pocket hole using the 2x4 setting works great, but I have to remove the 4 screws from the ram, move it to the back 2 holes and reassemble. I can live without it if I have to, but would like to see a future design take this into consideration. Great product.


Charles Boehm

August 30, 2017

Big dummy for waiting

I have mulled over the idea of buying a Kreg jig for about 4 years. I am a custom cabinet maker and got a side job doing a set of yellow pine cabinets with a weathering agent on them. The customer did not want to see any external fasteners or putty covering fastener holes. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the K4 system from one of the chain home improvement stores. WOW... Where have you been all my life. The set up was cut and dry and very easy to perform. Since the system I bought came with a portable base, I decided to mount my clamp base to my bench and use the dust collection hood (wonderful addition) to keep the mess down in my small home shop. It does a very good job keeping the chips cleaned out. In fact, I do I,d that on several occasions the suction was enough to actually hold my piece in place until I clamped it down. The 3" face clamp hols very securely. My only issue with the clamp is the rubberized cover came off the release side before I finished my first faceplate, but as someone who has never had rubber grips on a clamp, this wasn't a huge issue. As far as ease of use is concerned, my 6 year old daughter started drilling my holes for me once I showed her how to line them up. Both her and my 11 year old son love to use it and I actually came home one day to find my son in my shop drilling holes and putting stuff together. That was awesome. I finished the cabinets using my Kreg for almost every joint and they turned out beautiful and the customer was EXTREMELY happy. I would definitely recommend this product to any level woodworker. I will be inquiring into more of the Kreg family of tools.


Stephen Watkins

June 13, 2017

One of the best tools i own

I didn't want to spent the $100 for this tool, I thought I could get away without it. My wife convinced me that I would use it more then once. Wow was she right. I love this tool. It made building my project so much easier and mote professional.


Glen Weinschreider

April 11, 2017


We love it me and my wife it is amazing can't believe how easy it is to use. Would definitely recommend this to any wood worker beginner or professional everyone can use this tool


James Jarrell

January 26, 2017

Ready to do this

Received my jig today (9:15am) that i ordered online yesterday, read the quick guide, went to town on a bunch of scrap wood of various sizes and I am impressed, I've been using my router table for a while now, Got the dovetail joins down but this is great for quick joins, my online order gave me a few options to upgrade and i went with the first one (free), the clamp handle is right in front of me so i don't have to reach over or around my work piece to unlock it, The numbers on the side of the removable jig are clearly marked in white so there is no eye strain, (had my whiteout pen handy just in case), the entire unit is heavy for its size, i work for a plastics manufacturer (Q.A Tech ) so i know lot about plastic products and this is a great product, I didn't expect much from the carry case, I'm yet to see one that isn't flimsy so my first project is to build a case for this jig and all the extra bits I'll be buying to go with it. the free plans look like a lot of fun, so i know what I'll be doing on my free time. it would have been nice to get a choice of plugs with the kit, no way will i ever buy white laminated wood, (particle board, no thanks) so those plugs will stay in the pack. All in all it's a good purchase, I never buy things for the sake of it, it's always going to get used and i know this will be used a lot.


Richard Merks

March 20, 2015


Awesome tool. Be sure to read the directions carefully, stupid me, read it once and thought I knew what I was doing and almost ruined some lumber. Once I got the hang of using the K4, the construction of my project went quickly and smoothly. I am now sold on Kreg tools and have already purchased others, like the Kreg Jig HD and have plans to purchase others in the very near future.


Bruce Lanier

January 12, 2015

Bench and 2 end tables

I followed Jay Bates Bench and 2 end tables guide on youtube using my Kreg Jig Master Pocket Hole Set and built 2 of the strongest outdoor furniture pieces you could ask for out of scrap lumber. My wife loved them and I enjoyed making them with the Kreg pocket hole system. Kreg tools makes my life easier and wood working a joy. I can't wait until the next project.


George Bowman

December 21, 2014

Impressed with the Kreg tool

I've been building "rustic" furniture since 1988. I find and recover wood from discarded pallets and discarded wood shipping crates. Refurnished a lot of our home and Sold many pieces. I bought the Kreg jig k4 in 2012 on a whim. Put it away for almost two years. Decided to use it to compare with biscuits and dowels and have not used either dowel or biscuits since. The Kreg jig has proven to be the easiest, most useful tool for joining any pieces almost any components together. Wish I had tried it sooner! I have recommended it to all the people that have asked what I use to join wood pieces together.


Jose Montes

July 9, 2014

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