Reviews for "Kreg Jig® R3"

Easy assembly joinery

Loved how simple it is to use, my only complaint is the clamp holder has broken. Still 5 stars


Alan Reddick

January 29, 2019

Kreg Jig® R3 Purchased from amazon

The case was broken when purchased. Can I purchase it separately?


junsu jeong

November 1, 2018

Great Solution and even better Customer Service

I can’t beleive how long I went without a Kreg pocket hole jig. I was stubborn having learned toenailing from G’pa And didn’t want to “level up” I suppose. Finally after my daughter struggled and struggled trying to perfect the toenailed nail, much less the trucker screw, I gave in and bought one of these. Oh! My! Amazing! This needs to be a housewarming gift that EVERY real estate agent leaves behind for new owners. Unbelievably handy and useful. Mine had a small issue after a few uses and a quick note to customer service resulted in full replacement being sent out promptly. If every company stood behind their products and businesses like Kreg does, I suspect the American economy would be much more “concrete” and the people trusting and willing to spend more on products knowing they will last or be replaced. I’m a Kreg fan now, for SURE.


CyLee LaRoux

May 20, 2018

Great tool but drill bit not very reliable

I have had my Kreg R3 for about 6 months and have gone through 2 bits. 1st one warped, I assume it was my fault and bought another. 2nd the depth gauge is stuck on it and will not move even without the key in it. Without the bit working properly this tool is useless. I would either budget for a new bit every 3 months or find another system to use.


Charles Cunningham

February 25, 2018

My first Kreg tool.. definitely not my last

Awesome little kit packed with an awesome tool. Easy to use and very practical. Even some screws and plugs are in the kit.


Torbjørn Aga Gjøen

January 27, 2018

Excellent Tool

I saw the advertisement for years, and decided to try this little tool. When I purchased it at Lowes there was a promotion that included the small Kreg vise grip that fits this jig. Once I learned to use it, I began joining wood components better than ever before. They seem to be stronger that what I was used to making as a general do-it-yourself homeowner. I complete the simple set up, drill the pocket whole, apply a quality wood glue to both pieces to be joined, and sink the Kreg screw with the driver bit. Outstanding results. Thank you for bringing this product to market.


Brian Crowder

December 14, 2017





December 8, 2017

Great Product

Use it daily, have built a few tables, cabinets, furniture and other projects with it and still going as now making christmas presents with it ( coffee table & end tables for son, 3 lvl plant holder for mom and dad and a corner cabinet w/ glass doors in the living room for myself)


Chris Rogers

December 6, 2017


Love my jig. I made a table and was real proud. It was very professional looking and is very solid. I really like the Kreg screws that came with the jig. I liked them so much I bought several more of different sizes.


Max Arnold

April 28, 2017

Where have you been???

I have been doing woodworking as a hobby for over 40+ years. I hated to"toenail" things and never thought much about "pocket holes". Well, while building some cabinets recently, I decided to try the Kreg R3...WOW!!! So easy to use. Pulled the shelves tight and looked great. The ONLY negative is that I waited so long to find and use this great tool.


Richard Gibson

August 31, 2016

Amazing product

I got the kreg R3 and it is a amazing product and it works great. This product was well made, easy to read instructions and it has everything you need to get started. I am very please with what I revived and I am looking forward to doing more business with kreg in the future!! I would recommend this product to anyone that is interested! It's great for beginners in woodworking. Thank kreg!!


Anthony Frasco

July 31, 2016

Steve M

Had to replace Two Screen doors on the House, decided to try the kreg system, bought the R3 Jig and was impressed , using it was easy and made super joints real quick, assembly went well and the resulting doors look super nice. used the pine plugs to finish the look. Went on to make the Cleats for my Garage shelving, nice strong joints, I'm sold on Kreg and now looking for more projects to do . Great products,


Stephen F Margiotta

June 29, 2016

Must have for any project!!!!

With my project I was having a difficult time on how to mate up to pieces of wood to make a solid joint. I started searching the internet and I found this beauty... This Jig is amazing, and simple to use. Get the 3" Wood Project Clamp accessory (no adjustments needed, no guess work involved). The clamp makes your job easier and faster! Don't pass up on this jig. Happy jigging!!!!


Michael Fernandez

June 28, 2016

Great product, many practical uses

I bought this for a simple project at home but found that I'm using it more than I thought I would. This is a great product. I highly recommend it.


Jason Kassis

April 11, 2016

not perfect, but pretty good

This is a very versatile tool for many jobs. I used mine to build a set of cupboards and the railing for a deck, I f you get one, get the faceframe clamp. It makes the jig much easier to use. unfortunately, the tabs that attach the clamp to the jig are flimsy and broke off mine, making it a pain to put i place now, otherwise five stars would have been in order.


Don Jones

December 19, 2015

Just what I needed!

I LOVE MY KREG!! Seriously this thing has stepped up my game by leaps and bounds. Being disabled and on a very limited fixed income I went with this model, although if I ever win the lottery I'll step up, but I do not for one second regret the purchase. In fact I would go so far as to say the only way this set could be improved would be if it came with a clamp!


Roy Duncan

July 22, 2015


One of the star performers in the Project Kit. Built in storage bench for the new reading nook? No problem, this jig makes it all come together with ease. Only area for improvement, the driving bit could be sturdier. I'm already on my 3rd bit in very little use.


Patricio Vela III

March 15, 2015


After struggling with my projects, this tool was a god-send. My friends are getting tired of me waxing poetic on this smaller, but absolutely necessary tool. Instructions are easy to follow, and it works every time regardless of the thickness of your project. Thank you, you are a lifesaver.


Kathy Ondrus

March 5, 2015

Gregory Comer 2/26/2015

A wonderful easy to use product on any build. I will recommend this tool as well as all KREG TOOL products to my family and friends. This tool makes the job much faster with ease and accuracy. Allows for a perfect tight fit to join wood together. The best suggestion I could make, would be to take your time and double check your work as you build to assure perfect fits. Of course that applies to every job.


Gregory Comer

February 26, 2015

Perfection in a box

My previous experience in woodworking is novice but with this Jig I can make perfect pocketholes every time. I rarely write reviews, but this product deserves it. The kit includes sample packs of screws which are handy to practice with. The screws at HD are about 4 dollars per 100.


Michael Craig

January 28, 2015