How do I position the tape on the fence and calibrate it for the Precision Miter Gauge System?

You will want to cut the tape at the 1" mark and place it on the edge of your fence. This allows for 1" of clearance space, so that even at 45 degrees, your fence will not hit the blade. Once the tape is applied, take a piece of scrap wood and cut it to a known length. Then, set your Swing Stop to the same length as the board you just cut. Loosen the screws that hold the fence in place and move it until the distance between the stop and blade is greater than the length of the board. Raise the blade on your tablesaw so that it is above the table’s surface. Place your board of known length against your blade. Slowly move the fence over until the stop hits your board. Lock down your fence and it should be calibrated. Test it with some scrap pieces to be sure.

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