Particleboard & Melamine

posted 5/31/2018 in Kreg Tool Tips: Wood Buying by Kreg Tool Company

Particle Board

Particleboard is similar to MDF, but made from larger bits of wood.

It's sold in standard 48" x 96" sheets, usually 3/4" thick. 

General Info Common Uses Pros Cons
Particleboard is often used for inexpensive "ready-to-assemble" furniture. It isn't as strong as plywood or MDF, and doesn't hold screws very well. Because of this, particleboard isn't a great choice for most projects. One variation, which is coated with a material called melamine, can be good for building projects that are designed to store lightweight items.

inexpensive furniture, 

low cost

low strength, 
sags if unsupported

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